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Winner of iPod Nano! Pre-Conference Classes Drawing

The winner of the iPod Nano is Carolyn F. of Sacramento. Congratulations!

Thank you everyone for registering for CFUnited's Pre-Conference Classes. Please note that you should have received an email from us about your classes and instructions. See you soon!

Open Source Code Off Entries on Wiki

The Open Source Code Off Entries are now listed on the CFUnited Wiki

Winners will be announced Thursday or Friday.

Good Luck!


* Brice Mason "Tag Benchmark"
* Luis Majano "ColdBox"
* Barney Boisvert "Transaction Advice"
* Barney Boisvert "Management Tool"
* Barney Boisvert "Formatting Timestamps"
* Brad Wood "Resend Undeliverable Mail"
* Sajid Anwar "Minute Converter"
* Mary Jo Sminkey "USPS tracker"
* Jeff Howden "A Worthwhile Custom Tag"
* Mahfuz Anwar "Works Cited"
* Laura Arguello "Mango Blog"
* Jeffrey C. Ludden "Mapper"
* Russ Johnson "Issue Tracker"
* Simon Horwith "Security Framework"
* Joe Danziger "Project Tracker"
* Boyan Kostadinov "Movie Tracker"

50% chance to win a Wii - open source contest

I have good news and bad news. The good news is that so far there only have one entry for Ben Nadel's open source CF programming contest (with a deadline of Tuesday 6/5/07). With a first prize of a Wii AND a $1000 valued ticket to CFUNITED (and second and third prizes of 50% off your registration), the current only entrant Brice Mason is 100% certain to win! So if anyone else has some cool CF code that you want to make open source you would have a 50% chance of winning the top prize, and a good chance of winning something! You don't have to duplicate a paid component - just do something cool and make it open source. Perhaps you even have some code lying about your computer that is ready to submit as you read this... That code could snag you a Wii and CFUNITED ticket!

I guess the bad news is that if other people do enter by Tuesday that Brice's chances go down.

Total open source CF solutions

With the CFML compiler the Smith Project going open source and Ben Nadel's open source code off competition it will be soon possible to create total open source CF solutions!

Write some code and win a Wii

The cats out of the bag - the big grand prize we have in store for the open source code-off has been announced. One lucky ColdFusion coding champion will win a shiny new Nintendo Wii as well as a free ticket to CFUnited. Second and Third runner up will receive 50% off registration.

More information about the Open source code-off

ColdFusion Open Source Code-off

Win awesome prizes by creating something free for our beloved ColdFusion community. But, not just anything for free; find something that currently costs money, duplicate the described functionality, then publish your open source version for free. Read more!

All entries must be submitted by June 5th. One winner will be chosen by the CFUnited Advisory Board and will be given a free ticket to CFUnited and a special prize. All entries will be recognized publicly along with the winner after June 5th.

Thank you Ben Nadel for hosting this contest!

YouTube CFUnited Journey Contest

Have you seen our Interview Video on the homepage? Yes, the one with Rob Gonda's face on it. Hear what people think about last year's event and what they look forward to most.

YouTube Contest

Tells us your journey to CFUnited and what you are looking forward to most. Post your short video on your own YouTube account and then post your video at the cfunited group here and tag your video as "CFUnitedJourney". Then notify nafisa (at) and she will choose 3 entries to post on our home page. Those who get re-posted on our website will be given a $50 gift certificate to BestBuy! Submit entries by June 5th. Have fun!

Here are some ideas:

* the moment when you receive your pamphlet in the mail
* telling your friends about CFUnited
* choosing your sessions online
* when you receive your cap or t-shirt in the mail
* tell us what you look forward to the most
* funny tales about your past experiences
* footage from your journey last year

-the journey can be put together with photo's, video, animation, etc

-final video should be no longer then 5 mins long.

Good luck, and any other questions can be directed to Nafisa. Thanks!

Survey Contest Winner

Congrats to Mitch McCoy for winning the radmon drawing for the survey contest. Here is what Mitch has to say about Why people should attend CFUnited. "If you are a beginner, the sessions are good at demystifying something that could be intimidating. For the advanced developer, you can pick up some fresh ideas."

So other great quotes from others about "Why people should attend CFUnited"

"CFUnited is the premiere ColdFusion event where all members of the CF community, regardless of experience and skill level, come together to discuss and debate the latest techniques and technologies involving web application development with ColdFusion." -Brian S.

"The ColdFusion landscape is changing very rapidly and those developers who don't stay "up-to-date" will be left "in-the-dust". CFUnited is a great opportunity to catch up with all the latest and greatest enhancements in ColdFusionMX and especially the upcoming Scorpio release!" -Patrick S.

"After attending CFUnited Express in NYC this Spring, I saw the potential of CFUnited 2007. Its a conference full of information that will get you up to date on all the latest and greatest in the ColdFusion Developers world today. I am not missing any Teratech conferences anymore. Frameworks Conference and CFUnited Express proved that you can get so much more knowledge and training from few days on the conference, versus paying much more attending a class and getting much less for the money. I spoke to CFUnited 2006 attendees who cant stop praising the event. There are sessions for everyone, from developer to the manager. Can't wait for June 27th. Thanks!" -Elena A.

"Because it's a great opportunity to network with other developers and it's more fun than any human being should ever be allowed to have!!!" -Steven R.

CFUNITED ticket as prize for Fusebox design contest ends 3/8/07

There's still time for you to get your designs in for the Fusebox website design contest. One of the prizes is a free ticket to CFUNITED! See for the design requirements and a look at the sites already submitted. Currently there are only 8 submissions so you have good odds of winning.

Contest Submittals must be in on March 8th, 2007 at 5pm EST. Contest winner will be announced on March 29, 2007.

Winner of Video Survey Contest

Congratulations to Rob Kolosky! He is the winner of the random drawing for our Video Survey Contest. He wins a free ticket to any TeraTech event. Thanks for everyone's submissions, we hope to see you at either Frameworks or CFUnited conference!

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