Have you seen our Interview Video on the CFUnited.com homepage? Yes, the one with Rob Gonda's face on it. Hear what people think about last year's event and what they look forward to most.

YouTube Contest

Tells us your journey to CFUnited and what you are looking forward to most. Post your short video on your own YouTube account and then post your video at the cfunited group here http://www.youtube.com/group/cfunited and tag your video as "CFUnitedJourney". Then notify nafisa (at) teratech.com and she will choose 3 entries to post on our home page. Those who get re-posted on our website will be given a $50 gift certificate to BestBuy! Submit entries by June 5th. Have fun!

Here are some ideas:

* the moment when you receive your pamphlet in the mail
* telling your friends about CFUnited
* choosing your sessions online
* when you receive your cap or t-shirt in the mail
* tell us what you look forward to the most
* funny tales about your past experiences
* footage from your journey last year

-the journey can be put together with photo's, video, animation, etc

-final video should be no longer then 5 mins long.

Good luck, and any other questions can be directed to Nafisa. Thanks!