Congrats to Mitch McCoy for winning the radmon drawing for the survey contest. Here is what Mitch has to say about Why people should attend CFUnited. "If you are a beginner, the sessions are good at demystifying something that could be intimidating. For the advanced developer, you can pick up some fresh ideas."

So other great quotes from others about "Why people should attend CFUnited"

"CFUnited is the premiere ColdFusion event where all members of the CF community, regardless of experience and skill level, come together to discuss and debate the latest techniques and technologies involving web application development with ColdFusion." -Brian S.

"The ColdFusion landscape is changing very rapidly and those developers who don't stay "up-to-date" will be left "in-the-dust". CFUnited is a great opportunity to catch up with all the latest and greatest enhancements in ColdFusionMX and especially the upcoming Scorpio release!" -Patrick S.

"After attending CFUnited Express in NYC this Spring, I saw the potential of CFUnited 2007. Its a conference full of information that will get you up to date on all the latest and greatest in the ColdFusion Developers world today. I am not missing any Teratech conferences anymore. Frameworks Conference and CFUnited Express proved that you can get so much more knowledge and training from few days on the conference, versus paying much more attending a class and getting much less for the money. I spoke to CFUnited 2006 attendees who cant stop praising the event. There are sessions for everyone, from developer to the manager. Can't wait for June 27th. Thanks!" -Elena A.

"Because it's a great opportunity to network with other developers and it's more fun than any human being should ever be allowed to have!!!" -Steven R.