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Friends of Aaron West

Speaker Aaron West has been affected by the flooding in Nashville. Lets get the community together to see if we can help.

"Aaron West's home is currently underwater in the Nashville floods. He and his family had about an hour to pack as much as they could before they needed to evacuate. Aaron West's home is currently underwater in the Nashville floods. He and his family had about an hour to pack as much as they could before they needed to evacuate."

A blog has been created on Aaron's behalf that gives images, video blogs, and other updates regarding his current situation. The blog site has a "Donation" area, which already has shown some tremendous love.

It's quite hard to imagine what he's going through, so any support and help is much appreciated.

CFUnited CF Server Hosting survey - raffle winners

Thanks everyone who took the hosting survey. The raffle winners are:

  • CFUnited ticket - Matthew Warren Ken Cook Co. Milwaukee WI
  • iPod - Steve Holland Fusecast LLC Highland UT
  • iPod - Kevin Pyles The Hilltop Institute Columbia MD
  • Fusion Reactor - Shaun McCran The direct agency England

Thank you everyone who entered the survey - you can see summary results here. And thank you to Edgeweb Hosting and Integral (Fusion Reactor) for donating the additional prizes!

Keynote Speakers for CFUnited 2010

We are excited to officially introduce our CFUnited 2010 Keynote Speakers: Adam Lehman, Terry Ryan and Charlie Arehart. Yes, you read correctly, Lehman, Ryan, and Arehart! Adam and Terry will double up for our opening Keynote on Wednesday! Make sure you get to there early to get the perfect seat! Charlie will be our keynote speaker on Thursday! You all are in for a real treat.

Adam Lehman is the Product Manager for ColdFusion at Adobe Systems based out of Washington, DC. Prior to joining Adobe, Adam developed enterprise applications for the US Department of State and Johns Hopkins University. Adam has spoken at over 100 events on topics ranging from web development to application security.

Terry Ryan is currently an Adobe Platform Evangelist for ColdFusion. He has been working with ColdFusion for 10 years. He's presented at various Adobe ColdFusion events including cf.Objective(), webDU, and Adobe Max. Prior to joining Adobe, Terry worked for the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania in various roles around ColdFusion from Application Developer to System Administrator.

Charlie Arehart is a veteran ColdFusion developer and troubleshooter since 1997 with over 25 years in IT. He's a longtime contributor to the community and a recognized Adobe Community Professional. As an independent consultant, he provides short-term troubleshooting/tuning assistance and training/mentoring for organizations of all sizes and CF experience levels (

Besides running the 2000-member Online ColdFusion Meetup (, an online CF user group), he also hosts the UGTV repository of recorded presentations from hundreds of speakers ( and the CF411 site of over 1000 tools/resources for CFers ( A certified Advanced CF Developer and Instructor for each version since CF 4, Charlie's spoken at each of the major CF conferences worldwide and is a contributor to all three volumes of Ben Forta's ColdFusion 8 and 9 WACK books.

There will be more details to come about Charlie's keynote speech, so stay tuned!

Join us at CFUnited 2010 to hear from our rock-star keynote speakers, as well as our other fabulous speakers!

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