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Changes to Saturday schedule

Nate Nelson's "Database Tips, Tricks, and Secrets" has moved to 11am

Dan Blackman's "Design Patterns and ColdFusion: Exploring Object Based Programming" will not be repeated on Saturday. The session will be removed from the Saturday schedule shortly.

ColdFusion Trivia Friday - Terrence Ryan

ColdFusion Trivia Friday

In honor of CFUnited next week, I'm running a little Friday giveaway contest.

I will be asking 1 ColdFusion trivia question every 30 minutes on Twitter (@tpryan) starting Friday August 7th from 12:00PM to 2:00PM EDT. Use the Twitter hash tag #CFTFri. This will total 5 questions, and therefore 5 chances at a prize. The first person who gets a particular question right, as determined by my twitter client, gets the question's prize. Prizes are limited to one prize per person. So if you win one, you cannot win another.

Prizes will be:

* 4 ColdFusion Rocks t shirts - 12:00, 12:30, 1:00, 1:30

* 1 set ColdFusion 8 Scotch Glasses (4 glasses in set) 2:00

After you win, we'll get in touch with each other via direct message. Then I'll get your shipping details (not limited to USA), and shirt size.

- Terrence Ryan

CFUnited mobile schedule

"What's Next?" App by Raymond Camden

We've all been there... at a conference, probably carrying a huge laptop bag filled with sponsor swag in one hand coffee on the other... trying to rush to figure out what session to attend next when you realize that little printed schedule of the conference sessions you were holding is lost somewhere in the session you were sitting in hours ago... *sigh*

Thanks to Ray's new "What's Next?" app the paper schedule is no more and you wont be late to another session! The app lets you quickly browse the conference schedule right from your mobile phone. It lists session based on the day and time and even has a nice search and "What's Next?" feature so you can quickly see what sessions are coming up. It even lists the speaker name, room name, number of seats, and the description of the session all on one page. If you are attending CFUnited next week be sure to bookmark on your phone.

** For those of you who would prefer the printed schedule, don't fret we will printing the schedule of session like we have in the past.

Ajay Sathurlui - Session Raffle details

A message from Ajay Sathuluri - Speaker

CFUnited is next week!

I'll be presenting on Wednesday on "Dynamic Load Testing with Webserver Stress Tool". I'll be covering Basic, parameterized, and scripted load testing. It's a fairly inexpensive tool, but can do some powerful testing.

This week I also found out I'll be able to raffle 3 software licenses: 2 licenses for Paessler Webserver Stress Tool, and 1 for FusionReactor server monitor! ($1000 worth of software). Licenses sponsored by Paessler and Intergral, respectively.


* Test Types

* setting up a set of URLs

* Multiple users

* URLs bound to a dataset (parameterize the tested URLs, merge with a dataset; one set for each user)

* Scripting, instead of list of URLs

* Simulate multiple simultaneous CF sessions

* How to simulate AJAX calls

* Test results and logs; where's the most useful information