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Win a Hyper-V VPS from Media3

We are very excited to have Media3 as a Silver Sponsor at CFUnited this year. To share in all the excitement, Media3 is giving us a Hyper-V VPS to CFUnited so that we can raffle it off to a randomly selected registered attendee by March 31, 2009! These VPS' are residing on 64 bit DELL 900 series servers with CF Enterprise, and are connected to a Gigi Bit switched network in their SAS70 data center. It is the latest technology.

Below is a message from Bob Hayes, the CEO and Founder Media3.

We know that finding a reliable hosting company to work with is not easy. So you'll be happy to know that at Media3 we don't believe in cutting corners.

Our idea is simple and hasn't changed since 1995.

We specialize in hosting the powerful development features of ColdFusion from Adobe. The pages that you visit at are driven by ColdFusion, in fact, our entire support, billing , sales and control panel functions are driven by CF. As a Premier Adobe Hosting Partner and a long term CF user, we are uniquely positioned to assist you in all aspects of your ColdFusion hosting environment.

Have you ever watched the Miss Universe Pageant, used Equal Sweetener, Ever rode a Roller Coaster at Cedar Park in N.J. watched Ultimate Fighter Championship on Spike TV, thumbed through a National Geographic Magazine, heard of the United Auto Workers or United Nations? Well, all of the above and ten's of thousands more have trusted us with their web presence and email.

We are one of the pioneers in the website hosting industry. We currently serve thousands of professional website designers and developers, just like you. We know how important proper professional hosting is to you and your clients. SERIOUS HOSTING FOR SOLID BUSINESS

We are proud sponsors of the CFUNITED conference this August and hope to see you there. We are committed to the CF community and will be announcing a very special offer to ALL those who register, which we will announce at a later date. We have offered the Adobe evangelist free windows 2008 Hyper-V VPS' for both personal and professional projects. And we are looking to assist the community with any CF hosting issues.

For all those that register by March 31st Media3 is giving CFUnited one of our Hyper-V VPS to be given away in a drawing. These VPS' are residing on 64 bit DELL 900 series servers with CF Enterprise, and are connected to a Gigi Bit switched network in our SAS70 data center. It is the latest technology.

See the enhanced plan at

Look forward to seeing you at the show !

Bob Hayes CEO and Founder Media3

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We are giving away $200 at the end of each month to one lucky winner who has CFUnited Blog Bling on their blog/ website!

To enter the contest pick from the CFUnited Blog Bling, then fill out this form to submit your URL. At the end of each month between January - July 2009 we will pick a random winner from the URL's entered into the contest. Anyone can enter the contest and you can submit as many URL's as you like to enhance your chances of winning.

We are picking February's winner on 02/27/09 after 3pm, so go get your CFUnited Blog Bling now!

CFUnited Podcast: Douglas Knudsen - Connecting Flex to ColdFusion

"In our third installment of the Speakers of CFUnited series, Dan Wilson interviews Douglas Knudsen, consultant with Universal Mind, who is speaking on Connecting Flex to ColdFusion at CFUnited.

Doug talks about topics from his talk at CFUnited, working in a coworking group environment instead of working from home, his start with ColdFusion, and music to work to, including Chinese Silk music." - Brian Meloche

Visit CFConversations to listen to the podcast.

CFUnited Hotel Room price expires March 31st

The current price per night is $179 (+$15 resort fee)

After March 31st, the price will increase to $199 (+$15 resort fee)

The hotel will sell out. Over flows will be announced in mid-March.

Please book your arrangements as soon as possible.

The CFUnited Conference will be located this year at the Four-Diamond Award-Winning Lansdowne Resort, the capitol region's premier, full-service resort and executive conference facility in Leesburg Virginia. Lansdowne Resort's scenic location in Virginia's Wine Country is conveniently Located just eight (8) miles from Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) and under 45 minutes from Washington.

Community App: CF_REF by Brian Kai

Spreading the News: Brian Kai, a 2008 CFUnited Alumni, developed an iPhone/iPod Touch application available for free on the iTunes AppStore. The app is called CF_REF and is simply a CF tag reference application that allows one to browse CF tag syntax without being online or carrying around a large reference manual. It?s his very first iPhone application but I plan on updating it the more I learn about Objective-C and Xcode. He initially designed this app for his own benefit but after a couple coworkers expressed interest in it, he decided to submit it on the AppStore so others can benefit as well.

We love to share what the CFUnited Alumni community has learned and developed. If you have a cool application you'd like to share, let us know and we'd be happy to spread the word. :-)

Full Day Pre-Conference Classes

You can now register for Pre-Conference Classes!!

Location: Lansdowne Resort and Conference Center.

Date: August 11, 2009

Hours: 9:00am - 5:30pm

Food: Breakfast, Lunch, and fully replenished snacks and beverages are provided throughout the day.

Cost: $549

Seats per class: 20

* Free wireless Internet
* Includes all materials and Certificate of Completion

Click on a class for more details

CU241 - CBOX-100 : Intro To ColdBox - Luis Majano

CU242 - Building Desktop Applications with AIR - Rob Rusher

CU243 - Flex Boot Camp - Dan Blackman

CU244 - Building Better Applications - Simon Free

CU245 - Hitchikers Guide to ColdFusion - Chaz Chumley

CU246 - Setting up Internal Hosting - TBA

CU247 - Project Management Seminar - Shlomy Gantz

Custom Classes

If you're interested in having CFUnited provide a customized class for your company of 5 or more students, please Contact Us.

CFUnited invites Sean Corfield to speak

We are excited to announce that Sean Corfield is coming to speak at CFUnited 2009!

His topic is "Living in the Cloud"

The dream of cloud computing is cheap, scalable, on-demand power. What is it really like to run your production applications up in the cloud? What are the design issues you will face? How could you migrate from a traditional data center? Broadchoice runs its two main products on Amazon EC2 and uses S3 for persistent storage. Come and find out how we did it and the challenges we faced along the way - and why we like Amazon as a hosting environment!

Working while at CFUnited

We understand that it is difficult to take time off for almost an entire week to attend a conference. While the event and learning is very useful, we all still have to maintain a proper work flow.

That's why at CFUnited we have created several work stations which provide a quiet and private area for attendees to work. All provided for FREE.

This is not an internet cafe, instead it is supplied with power strips, tables, seating, coffee, snacks, and excellent wireless Internet. We've upped the expectations this year.

If you have to check in to work and get those billable hours completed on time and under budget, we want to make sure we help you keep your end of the deal.

We are focusing on your needs and your companies needs.

Please register today you have everything to gain.

Areas highlighted in Orange are designated work rooms for multiple work stations.

CFUnited Podcast: Luis Majano

For our second episode in the Speakers of CFUnited series, Adam Haskell and I interview Luis Majano, the creator of the ColdBox framework. This was recorded October 24, 2008, so it predates the MAX conference, the Bolt announcement, and Adobe layoffs, and ColdBox is now up to version 2.6.2. Of course, Luis talks about Coldbox, but he also talks about growing up in El Salvador during its civil war, including Salvadoran cuisine, coming to America, how he started in ColdFusion, pre-Coldbox, what led to Coldbox and why Luis is excited about ColdFusion's future. This interview, which was originally scheduled to be released before MAX, is one of my favorites so far. It was delayed due to some time sensitive episodes, vacation, and the MAX episodes (including ones not yet released, as mentioned earlier) but I'm proud to bring it to you now, and I think you'll really enjoy it!" - Brian Meloche

Luis will be speaking on Coldbox at CFUnited. Visit CFConversations to listen to the podcast.

5 more topics announced

Congratulations to Clark and Hal, Brian, Andrew, Jeff, and Sean!

Here are the next round of topics announced for CFUnited 2009. Next month we will announce 5 more.

Clark Valberg and Hal Helms "Dancing with the Devil: Dealing With Difficult Customers"

Ah, customers: business would be great if we could just get rid of them! The humor in this statement is the absurdity of it, yet it's easy to understand the feelings that prompt it. In this session, Hal and Clark (who believe they've had MORE than their share of difficult customers) explain how the term "difficult customer" often is often misapplied; more often the problem is that a bad dynamic has been established between developer and client. Using real-life case studies, we'll share specific techniques we've found to be successful in both (a) avoiding problems in the first place and (b) turning "difficult customers" into enthusiastic fans.


Brian Rinaldi "A CF Developer's Guide to the Mate Flex Framework"

Learn how to use the Mate framework when building a Flex application that connects to ColdFusion. Mate was developed by Nahuel Foronda of ASFusion and is an easy-to-use and powerful framework for Flex development. It will feel comfortable to many ColdFusion developers who use common MVC frameworks. This session will show you the basics of using Mate in a Flex/AIR application.


Andrew Schwabe "Flex and Google App Engine"

This is a presentation on how to build a simple application with flex on top of google app engine (GAE) which uses python and python AMF.


Jeff Tapper "How not to code flex applications"

Having worked on hundreds of various flex applications, I've had a chance to see all sorts of bad practices in use. In this session, we will look at several mistakes: common ones, amusing ones, ones which got someone fired, and talk through ways of making you a better coder, or at least one who makes a better caliber of mistakes.


Sean Moore "Flex Best Practices"

This presentation is based on my experience developing internet based applications. I wrote two articles on Best Practices for the Adobe Flex Developer Center on the website last year. This presentation cover many of the topics and bullet points from my articles. The presentation is meant to help developers write more maintainable, scalable, clean, organized code and develop Flex projects in the same manner.