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Topic Voting Opens to Public!

Hello world of all things ColdFusion, Flex and Air!

We are officially opening up the list of topics for the community to vote on! Our keen and trusty Advisory Board have voted on some of these topics already. Some of the topics they are voting on as we speak (blog). But we want to hear the voice of the people, the CF fanatics, the proud self-proclaimed geeks that truly represent what CFUnited is all about! Answer the call to action and make your voices heard!

Evaluate the topics submitted and VOTE

From gurus to newbies, everyone in the world and their dogs can vote (as long as they have an e-mail address) until February 12, 2010.

ATTENTION: State of the CF Union Survey Takers!!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the survey! As a token of our appreciation, please use the following code, CFSurv50, to get $50 off your registration for CFUnited 2010.

HOWEVER - you have to use it before Valentine's Day!

That's right! Show your love and register!

State of the CF Union results and winner

Thank you everyone who voted in the State of the CF Union survey. I noticed that many folks are not on the latest version of CF and are yet to adopt OO and frameworks. However CFC use is nearly universal. And open source products such as CFEclipse, MySQL and Railo are heavily used. Group learning resources such as user groups and conferences are used by the majority of developers.

Here are some of the interesting things I learned from the detailed results:

  • 80% of developers are using CF8, with about half that number using CF9
  • If you are running CF6 or earlier you are behind the curve
  • Nearly a quarter of developers are using the open source Railo ColdFusion
  • More than half are using Enterprise CF (vs Standard)
  • 80% run on Windows
  • A third use Fusebox with other frameworks such as Model Glue, Mach-II and ColdBox at 12-16%
  • While nearly everyone uses CFCs only a third use ColdSpring or similar to organize their CFC and only one in six do data via CFCs using ORM
  • UDFs, Custom tags and CFIncludes are still popular ways to reuse code but are starting to fall behind CFCs these days
  • Most developers have used CF for more than 6 years and over 90% use object orientation
  • CFers are heavily multi-lingual - using Flex, Java, PHP, AIR and .Net in large numbers
  • SQL Server remains the database of choice, with MySQL closely following. Oracle and Access runners up.
  • Two-thirds of developers use subversion, but a shocking 20% don't do source code control at all
  • CFEclipse, Dreamweaver and CF Builder are the top tools
  • Two thirds of developer attend a local user group some of the time
  • CFUnited is the most attended conference by CF developers, followed by MAX and CF.Objective()
  • The top challenges facing developers today is too much work, followed by maintaining someone else's badly written code and finding the time to learn new features.

And the winner of the ticket to CFUnited is Matthew Jones from Indianapolis IN. If you need to get on top of your backlog of work, learn new CF features, meet OO gurus or get up to speed on Flex or AIR then check out CFUnited.


State of the CF Union survey ends Wed 1/27/10

The State of the CF Union survey ends Wednesday 1/27/10. If you missed the survey you can take it here. See how you compare with other CF developers.

And one lucky person will win a ticket to CFUnited. Yes it could be you, President Obama, if you are not too busy with your own State of the Union address Wednesday night that is - to spend 5 minutes answering questions on your ColdFusion development skills and challenges! :-)


State of the CF Union survey - win a ticket to CFUnited

Help us find out the State of the CF Union with this survey - what versions of ColdFusion do people use, what frameworks, tools etc. We will share the summary results with everyone so that you can see how you compare with other CF developers. Thanks for your time completing this survey!

Oh yeah I nearly forgot, we will raffle off one ticket to CFUnited (a $999 value) picked at random from everyone who completes the survey.

We will announce the final results on the day of President Obama's State of the Union address. Hey perhaps he will slip the results into his speech, might get a standing ovation!

President Obama

Demo Mania

Its Demo Mania!!! (formerly known as "Demo Derby", but the name was misunderstood)

At CFUnited, on Friday August 14th, we will have a series of Demos from anyone in the community willing to show off their their cool app in 7 minutes or less.

Fill out this survey to enter.

Not everyone will be accepted but everyone will be mentioned

How your app makes it on stage: Must be new. Must be cool. Must be able to demo in a short amount of time.

Types of Projects include: Website Apps, Air Apps, iPhone Apps

Oh yeah, You must be attending the conference to enter and watch ;-)

jQuery and ColdFusion: A Quiz

How do you measure up hot shot?

Take this quiz to see if you how you do.

Jeff Peters is teaching an intense class August 11th 2009 on "jQuery and ColdFusion"

jQuery is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries in use. ColdFusion can auto-generate JavaScript for many favorite AJAX-type tasks. This class will explore how to make automated JavaScript and hand-rolled JavaScript work and play well together, while retaining the developer's sanity. Bring your own laptop and a healthy dose of curiosity. Techniques explored are also applicable to other JavaScript libraries.

jQuery and ColdFusion: A Quiz

Or register now!

CFUnited Museum and Open Mic Night

Hello Talented CFUnited Attendees!

CFUnited is about great topics and learning as always. But its also about networking. When we network we find things that we have in common, whether its about our favorite hardware or our favorite SciFi shows. We build connections with people we have common interests with.

We came up with an idea that is unique for us and will prove to be an interesting experiment.

Museum and Open Mic Night for our talented community.

Let us know if you'd like to participate. You can bring 1-3 pieces of artwork (or photographs). If you would like to start a jam session on stage with a few others, we'd like to see that too. Magic tricks, poems, sculptures, etc are all welcome.

Scott Stroz will be our Open Mic Night host and one of the performers

Please fill out this form by July 31st to be added to performances and to enter your artwork.

Adobe Community Achievement Awards

Nominate the Best in the Industry for the Adobe Community Achievement Awards. Formerly known as the CFEmmys, Todd Sharp has reintroduced to CFUnited a chance to recognize those who display excellence.

Please enter your nominations by June 8th

Everyone is eligible and feel free to nominate yourself. Todd will narrow down the results and CFUnited will provide the list to the public before the vote on winners begins.

Simon Free and Ben Nadel on CFUnited Video

Previous Entries / More Entries