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Winner of most popular topic

"Building Your First AIR/CF Application" - Dan Wilson

Dan, you've earned yourself a free Swedish Massage at the Lansdowne Resort during the week of CFUnited conference. Congratulations!

Your topic was the most popular and I'm sure many are looking forward to attending your session.

We'd like to hear more about your session and what you plan to bring to the podium. If you comment about your topic, please let us know where to find the entry.


CFUnited 2009 Call for Speakers

I'm challenging you!

The greatest feedback from 2008 is that attendees want fresh topics.

We want new and creative topics and in depth descriptions. Suggest a topic yourself or suggest a topic for someone else to speak on.

The idea is that on December 1st we will put all the topic suggestions together and let the community vote. Everyone will have to vote by December 19th. The person who suggests the topic that is voted the most popular will win a special extra gift or free ticket.

Here's what attendees want at CFUnited (from survey):
Integrating new technologies
Hands-on sessions
CF and Flash Integration
Full life cycle development using many of the open-source tools out there
More Flex sessions
Latest technologies
Discussion topics
Advanced material
Code Samples
Some beginner to intermediate talks on using IDEs for coldfusion
Keep the technical quality and variety high
Enterprise level topics
More Advanced CF sessions
CF/Flex topics
Integrating CF with BlazeDS/AIR/Flex
Report Builder
Continuous Integration, ANT, Subversion, Flex
Why upgrade to CF8 for government employee
Centaur new features
Real world presentations
New keynote

Advanced Track Session "Fan Favorite"

Message from Raymond Camden:

I'm the track chair for the Advanced track at CFUNITED. We are looking to fill another session and thought it would be fun to open it to the public. If you have an idea for a session, suggest the topic along with a speaker. I'll take the best 5 topics (best being relative of course) and create a survey for folks to vote. If your session is chosen, you get a free ticket to the conference. Note that in order for your session to be eligible, you have to suggest a speaker who is also willing to do the presentation, and will be at CFUNITED.

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Register for CFUnited by Jan 05th 2008 and save $200 off the base registration rate.

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Winners will be announced on Jan 11th 2008

Winner of CFUnited Europe Survey contest

Congratulations to Jura from Bratislava, Slovakia for winning the CFUnited Europe Survey Contest. Jura has won a free pass to CFUnited Europe conference on March 12-13th 2008 at the Novotel London West, UK.

We want to thank all those who participated in this contest and for all your feedback.

The correct answers for the survey questions were:

Question: What are the dates of CFUnited Europe 2007 conference? Answer:March 12-13th 2008

Question: Where in Europe will the CFUnited Europe conference be held? Answer:Novotel London West, UK

Question:Which 5 speakers who are speaking at CFUnited Europe? Answer(s): - Mark Drew - Simon Horwith - Jeff Tapper - Christian Ready - Andrew Schwabe

Question: Who is speaking on "Recursive Technique in ColdFusion"? Answer: Andrew Schwabe

Question: Which topic describes the CFFEED tag? Answer:Atom and RSS feeds with ColdFusion 8 (by Chaz Chumley)

Question: Why do you think people should go to CFUNITED Europe Answer: Same organizers team as for the orig CFUNITED conference, which means good references - Pretty interesting programme/events - Not a big choice of CF-related events in Europe ;-)

Don't forget to register for CFUnited Europe before the next early bird date of Jan 10th 2008. You can also take advantage of the buy 2 get 3 special, where if you register 2 people, you can register the third person for free. For more information on this special please email us at

Also visit for more information.

Open Source Winner of Wii!

Thank you to everyone who entered in the Open Source Code Off.

The winner of a Nintendo Wii is Barney Boisvert "Management Tool"
A simple schema management tool. You write your database mods into migration scripts (CFCs), and then the tool manages application of the scripts on an as-needed basis in all environments the application is deployed to. Very handy if you have a laptop, an office workstation, a home machine, and a production server and don't want to spend your life keeping the databases backing each one in sync with the others.
It is licensed under the Apache Software License 2.0. Download File

Second: Mary Jo Sminkey "USPS tracker"
Third: Joe Danzinger "Project Tracker"

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