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Topic Voting Opens to Public!

Hello world of all things ColdFusion, Flex and Air!

We are officially opening up the list of topics for the community to vote on! Our keen and trusty Advisory Board have voted on some of these topics already. Some of the topics they are voting on as we speak (blog). But we want to hear the voice of the people, the CF fanatics, the proud self-proclaimed geeks that truly represent what CFUnited is all about! Answer the call to action and make your voices heard!

Evaluate the topics submitted and VOTE

From gurus to newbies, everyone in the world and their dogs can vote (as long as they have an e-mail address) until February 12, 2010.

We are back at Lansdowne for 2010!

Big Announcement! Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back...

Last year was so nice, we are going to do it twice! That's right everyone, we have been invited back to the AAA Four-Diamond Award-Winning Lansdowne Resort for CFUnited 2010 and we have RSVP-ed with a resounding, YES!

I mean really, how could we resist? We are looking forward to seeing the faces of the friendly and accommodating staff, checking in to the sumptuously appointed guest rooms and suites, learning and networking in the award-winning conference facility, and getting in some playtime on the championship golf course and sparkling aquatic complex. Only the best for us please! Stay tuned for the code to book your hotel room at a discounted rate, we will be sharing the room block information shortly. Please let us know right away if you are interested in room sharing this year so we can begin putting something in the works. We have locked down the resort for July 28th - July 31st, 2010.

But wait, there's more! There were a lot of people who contacted us because they have wanted to register but needed to have exact dates/location in order to. For those people who missed out on the last early bird because they were waiting for this announcement, we are going to be offering the 11/30/09 early bird price from now until Monday 12/21/2009 at midnight. To take advantage of this offer, use the code EBEXT50, when you register.

We are so thrilled to be back at Lansdowne! 2009 was truly special thanks to the location, but you don't have to take our word for it. Here are some comments we got after last year that really convinced us to come back for 2010...

"And the location... one word, unparalleled. I mean, this place was a gem waiting to be discovered. I'm going to reserve the majority of this blog post just to talk about the conference center / hotel. Not that the sessions don't deserve more attention (they were beyond my expectations), but after all the previous CFUnited conferences I've been to (which were great), I never realized how much better an event can be just with subtle improvements at an event location." - Jeff Coughlin

"I really can't say enough good things about the location. The Lansdowne Resort was a beautiful location, it had great rooms, amazing food - and snacks and drinks were available all day, every day! - incredibly helpful staff and a good bar." - Sean Corfield

"Comfy room, lap pool, play pools, plenty of space to hang about, etc. There are advantages to being closer in to DC, but I'd come back here again, for sure. In particular, the outdoor patio was perfect for the evenings, and it was remarkably pleasant outside after the sun went down." - Barney Boisvert

Here come the holidays! Time for giving thanks, giving gifts, and giving back to the community.

We know the CF community is just as warm and tightly knit as a handmade scarf. So we are pleased to announce that we have linked up with The Heart of Virginia, a non-profit 501(c)(3) foundation formed in response to the tragic shootings at Virginia Tech on April 16, 2007. The Heart of Virginia Foundation offers charitable and educational opportunities to promote emotional well-being through the arts and to fight the stigma of mental illness. Today we are proud to launch the CFUnited 2010 registration drive! Here's how it works, Stellr will donate $100 for each month in November, December, and January. Additionally, we will donate $1 for each CFUnited registration during those months. 100% of the money we donate goes directly to funding this non-profit organization! They are fairly new and they are close to home, so we wanted to shine the spotlight on them and help get their message out! Read more about The Heart of Virginia on their website and remember the Early Bird price expires November 30th!

CFUnited 2010 Call for Speakers is now open!

I know its early, but due to popular demand we are opening the CFUnited 2010 Call for Speakers today!

For the past few months we have received emails from all over from individuals with ideas on what they would like to present at next year's conference. We are looking for talented speakers, fresh topics, and juicy ColdFusion & Flex content. Fill out the following form to suggest your topics

Watch out for more details about the call for speakers in the upcoming weeks.

RIA Unleashed : Boston

RIA Unleashed : Boston is a one-day, three-track, event that covers Adobe Flex, Adobe AIR, Adobe ColdFusion and related technologies and disciplines, with 20 sessions designed to allow you to focus on the technologies you are interested in. Get exciting updates on the Adobe Flash Platform, learn the latest tips and tricks from the leading RIA developers, and network with your peers.

The event is being held on November 13th at Bentley College in Waltham, MA. There is already an amazing lineup of speakers including Ray Camden, Adam Lehman, Ryan Stewart, Peter Bell, Jason Delmore, Simon Free and many more! Currently registration is only $50 for individuals and $40 for groups and that includes the full day of sessions, lunch, prizes and an after-party. On top of that, there is a special CFUnited discount of $10 off if you use the code "CFUNITED". Plus, if you register now, you are eligible to win a PlayStation 3 Slim through our referral contest if you refer your friends and coworkers!

So don't wait as space is limited and past events (formerly Flex Camp Boston) have sold out! Register today.

So you want to win a CF Dude Video Camera?

Sign up to attend at least one of these 3 upcoming ColdFusion & Flex events:

CFinNC October 17 - 18, 2009

bFlex/bFusion October 24 - 25, 2009

RIA Unleashed November 13, 2009

Then go to and in a 100 words or less, describe why you love ColdFusion or why you are excited to learn ColdFusion! You'll be entered to win one of the limited edition CFDude video cameras.

CFUnited 2010 big news!

Hello CFUnited alumni and fans! It's Fall and the leaves aren't the only thing changing this season. Big news everyone, drum roll please... Liz Frederick is joining the Developer Relations team at Adobe to become a Community Manager! APPLAUSE! Liz has helped to build CFUnited into the premiere ColdFusion conference for over the last 8 years and has done an amazing job as manager and director of CFUnited, putting place practices and procedures that have made for an excellent ColdFusion community event each year.

As Liz is joining Adobe she will be missed at the office but we will retain her guidance through the detailed procedures she leaves behind. She will also continue to be an integral part of CFUnited conferences as a member of the Advisory Board, offering guidance to the Stellr team whenever needed. The Stellr team, including myself, Elliott Sprehn, and Cara Beverage, volunteers and its newest list of advisers (Charlie Arehart , Raymond Camden, Sean Corfield, Shlomy Gantz, Adam Lehman, Liz Frederick, Chaz Chumley, Bob Flynn, Simon Free, Brian Kotek, Andy Powell, Dan Wilson, Todd Sharp, Scott Stroz, and Mark Drew) are committed to put together an amazing CFUnited event in 2010. Registration is open for business, were running an incredible deal of $499 for a 3 day package, from now until September 25th! Things went great this year and it's totally gone to our heads! I guess we're just feeling really generous, take advantage and get the BEST DEAL EVER, so far.

Please, feel free to contact any of us if you have any questions or concerns. Remember, Adobe MAX is right around the corner, Cara and I can't wait to see you there!

Round up of CFUnited CFConversations

Here is a round up of the recent CFConversation podcasts that spotlight the CFUnited conference, sessions, and speakers. Big thanks to Brian Meloche for doing such an awesome job of organizing and hosting the podcasts!

Barney Boisvert - this episode in the Speakers of CFUnited series features Barney Boisvert. This is a great episode, which was recorded on Day 2 of CFObjective in May. Barney talks about his session, CFGroovy - Groovy for the CFML Developer, which he's doing Thursday at 4:45pm at CFUnited. Of course, that means he talks about Groovy and why he uses it with CF. We also talk about Hibernate, Grails, Fusebox and his mini Fusebox-inspired framework called FB3Lite.

CFUnited 2009 Day 2, Part 1 - The new venue for CFUnited this year, Stellr, the day 1 keynotes from Liz Frederick and Adobe, day 1 sessions, birds of a feather and hints at several other things that we dive deeper into in part 2. On the roundtable panel: Brian Meloche, John Mason, Timothy Farrar, John Farrar, Anita Neal, and Jason Dean

CFUnited 2009 Day 2, Part 2 - Covering a lot of stuff, including things both at the conference and other things to think about. Joe Reinhart's inspiring day 2 keynote that prominently featured Todd Sharp's Slide Six site as an example of sites CF developers should aspire to build rather than oldschool CF CRUD-style apps that ColdFusion no longer has the same advantages it historically had over other languages.We discuss some of the interesting day 2 sessions we attended. Janine Driver, Mark Phillips, Charlie Arehart, Mike Brunt, Adam Haskell and Barney Boisvert were singled out as speakers with interesting talks. Lastly, some of the demo derby apps were discussed, as the two Johns and Timothy are each competing in the derby.

Lawrence Cramer - Lawrence is speaking (in one hour! - apologies to all) on Real World eCommerce with ColdFusion, and he talks about his presentation. He also talks about how he got started in Dreamweaver and later ColdFusion, ColdFusion 9/ColdFusion Builder (still code named, at the time) and some other projects.

Post-CFUnited 2009: Wrap-up, Withdrawal & Fallout - a post-CFUnited 2009 "wrap-up fallout" roundtable, where we review the conference as a whole, "post-conference withdrawal and fallout" of things that both happened and what didn't happen during the conference. On this roundtable, we have: Brian Meloche, Adam Haskell, Dan Wilson, John Farrar, and Mark Mandel

The Biggest Thank You Ever

I am so appreciative of all the comments people have given Stellr about the event. I truly enjoyed this event from beginning to end and I am glad everyone felt the experience was worthwhile.

This is a developer's conference. If this was a "What does Liz like to do?" conference it would be purple purses as gift bags and photoshop topics and everyone would be getting pedicures during the evening event. But its about you. I've been studying the developer community for over 8 years. I know what you want and how you want it. I also know everyone deserves to be treated like a rock star. It?s my job to make CF look cool. Geek is cool, and it is about time. Being smart and creating amazing apps that do incredible things is something to be recognized for. It's also about community. People who have a common interest can do more for the world just by sharing ideas and find out short cuts to save time.

You can't build yourself a new rocket ship without knowing how the other guy did it.

And you can't build a new rocket ship without the right tools.

And you can't show off your new rocket ship without an audience.

And you can't take off in your new rocket ship without the experience of others to tell you what happens when you get to outer space.

Hopefully your new rocket ship comes with great food and excellent resort staff so that you can enjoy that success.

Anyways, that is my way of thinking. I put this conference together because I know people will create amazing online applications that will help other people and blow their minds. Information is the essential ingredient towards faster growth.

ColdFusion is just one of those things I want to be apart of. It's been the underdog and the brunt of jokes. I knew in my heart that if I could get people together and unite them with a common interest, that someday CFers all over the world would benefit. ColdFusion is cool. ColdFusion is a bad-ass language that if you are worthy enough to join this club of genius, then you will understand that in the end you have saved your company time, money, and gained free advise for a lifetime. Why do I buy the name brand items from my grocery store? Because I know if I have a complaint or the bag is busted, that company will do anything in its power to help me. If I got my meat for free, it might be a little harder to cook and I would have to do a lot more testing to get it to taste just right.

Not only that, we have welcomed the Flex community as well. There is brilliance to be combined in this great adventure. Technology is fascinating. Being involved with this community is like a roller coaster ride that has the most challenging loops at the fastest speeds.

Stellr was created as a service to this community. CFUnited is our product wrapped in platinum gift paper. What happens next? We want you to create apps with the experience in mind just like CFUnited. It deserves to be fun, desirable, long lasting, and appreciated. Stellr can help you accomplish that. And we just love turning you into a rock star!

What now? Everyone asks. CFUnited is 75% thinking about Lansdowne next year. Although I would triple the number of shuttles and take more care on travel and timing in the AM. I would make the evening events slightly more random so it's not the same event but having the same impact. I would have 3-4 breakouts but use those small rooms for several Hands-on classes through the event and repeat them during the week. I'd have to limit the event to 800 attendees. Can't fit more than that but I guess a few more than 800 could squeeze in. I would hired more room monitors to help out my speakers and I would let others organize their own activities to add some variety.

As far as express events, I m thinking about it. It is hard to break even for those kinds of things. So I will have to think up some new ideas. I will be at MAX doing CFUnited Express. We plan to help out some other events going on soon. Why, do you ask? Because the CF community is huge (750,000+), there is enough to go around. And the more we can get new members to join the conference going community, the better for all of us.

BIG Thanks to so many people. It's hard to leave anyone out.

Adam Lehman, first, because he came to me just after he got back to the states and he should have been in bed rest, but he said to me some things that were very important and he inspired me to keep things going after last year?s event.
Ben Forta, well he's going to always be at the top of the list for me. He hasn't missed CFUnited yet and I don?t think I've ever thanked him publicly for that.
Terry Ryan, I think you fit in really well with everyone and we really like you too.
Sean Corfield, he is always perfectly honest with me and he?s almost always the first to respond on my advisory list.
Raymond Camden is one of my good friends that I would do anything for and he has done so many unselfish things for everyone, I don't know how to thank him.
Scott Stroz is an insightful person and my favorite funny man.
Simon Free helped me with my Intro Jokes and he helps fill in everywhere he can, I owe him a lot.
Ben Nadel has shown me how in just a few years someone can make such an impact on a community with just an ounce of opportunity.
Joe Rinehart has this amazing way to see everything in a broader perspective and I?m glad he shares that with me.
Shlomy Gantz some how gets it right all the time and has helped me see my potential.
Charlie Arehart is the most detailed man I know and I would probably embarrass myself if it were it not for his watchful eye.
Gertz Franz is just an amazing person with a smile that is contagious and I know he is on to great things in the future that will benefit everyone.
Peter Bell is a great resource and willing participant.
Mark Drew brings the alternative perspective and makes me believe in possibilities.
Doug Hughes is genuine guy and a good business man.
Dee Sadler is a gal on a mission to educate and bring people together.
Jeff Coughlin is so much fun and wasn't scared to challenge me (even in flip cup).
Bob Flynn has been a loyal attendee for as long as its been running and we love his honest feedback.
Josh Adams has an appreciation for people and new experiences.
Andy Powell stepped up to the plate and helped me put together an awesome line up of people I never heard of but made a huge impact on the event.
Chaz Chumley turns a bad day into a good day and knows just what to say.
Nate Nelson keeps it cool and interesting.
Mike Brunt has the experience to make you wonder and appreciate the direction we are headed.
Michael Smith believes in me and recognizes my abilities.
Nafisa Sabu knows when to tell me its time to make a change.
Cara Beverage keeps us sane and takes care of everyone no matter the task.
Tara Kossari was reliable and brought lots of energy.
Elliott Sprehn helps makes it all happen and has a big heart.
Oguz Demirkapi helps document all the greatness and catches every moment.
Eric Stoike is a good friend with a ton of talent.
Brian Meloche is so excited to get the real perspective from each and every person.

All the attendees made it really easy for us. Even with the badge printing hiccup and shuttle confusion, we still managed to keep everyone happy. It's just one more thing I get to improve on and blow everyone's minds next year.

I hope this experience makes you appreciate your career choice. I hope you go into work this week with a twinkle in your eye and an extra skip in your step. I can't wait to see everyone again and please don?t hesitate to share your ideas with the Stellr team.

Thank you again.

Here are some of my favorite moments.

More photos at

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