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Full day Hands-on class on Model-Glue

CU231 - Doug Hughes - Introduction to Model-Glue

Price: $449.00
Location: DC Convention Center
Class begins at 9:00am
Class ends at 5:00pm
CFUnited Pre-Conference Class
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Class Description:

Model-Glue is a fantastic framework for creating robust and maintainable applications using the Model View Controller (MVC) design pattern. Unfortunately, it can be quite challenging for a programmer to learn how to be productive with such a framework without prior experience.

Luckily, Doug Hughes, a member of Team Model-Glue has been working with Model-Glue since version 0.4 and has advised and assisted with the development of the framework.

This class will cover a range of topics including:

Foundational concepts including a comparison of traditional development techniques to techniques employed with Model-Glue.

An Introduction to the Model-Glue framework. We'll learn how to configure the framework and about the structure of a standard Model-Glue application.

From there we'll dive in head first and learn the details of event handlers, controllers, and other important details.

- Towards the end of the class we'll cover some important details regarding Service Oriented Architecture using ColdSpring and advanced Model-Glue features.

You should take this class if:

... you want to learn how to build more robust applications which are easier to maintain.

... you want to build more easily maintainable applications.

... you want to lower the total cost of ownership of your applications.

... you want to use a system which helps to facilitate team development.

... you want to build applications using Object Oriented techniques.

... you want to learn about some common design patterns.

... you've started down the road with Model-Glue and could use a hand getting up to speed.

... you want to learn an extremely valuable job skill. Many companies are looking for developers who know how to work with Model-Glue and they pay a premium for this experience.

To succeed with this class you need to have experience working with CFCs. In particular, you should understand the basic syntax of CFCs. Knowledge of best practices with CFCs would be helpful as there will be no review of this in the class.

CFUnited Pre-conference Classes suggestions

I am taking suggestions for CFUnited Pre-conference classes now until January 15th.

We plan to have 8 full day classes. 4 classes listed each day. 9am-5pm. Lunch included. Students must provide own laptops or rent them. Unless we find a sponsor for providing equipment.

If you have an idea for a class, add comment to this blog post or email liz(at)

Joe Rinehart and Simon Horwith will be scheduled to give a class on Flex for ColdFusion Developers. New title coming soon. Not sure if it will be on Day 1 or Day 2 of pre-conference classes. Seating will be limited to 30 only. Registration will be posted in a couple weeks.

Thanks for submitting ideas.

CFUNITED-07 pre-conference classes iPod raffle

Everyone who signs up before Friday 6/15/07 5pm EDT will be entered in a raffle to win one Apple iPod Nano. The iPod will be selected at random on Monday 6/18/07 from one of the people who are registered for the class. Each class registration counts as one "ticket" in the raffle.

Registration and more info at

Monday 6/25
CU221 Rob Gonda Flex Intensive for ColdFusion Developers
CU222 Ajay Sathuluri CF Server Administration for Security and More
CU223 Oguz Demirkapi Multi Language Applications in CF in Theory and Practice
CU224 Nate Nelson Advanced Database

Tuesday 6/26
CU225 Peter Bell Practical Code Generation: By Example
CU226 Simon Horwith Architecting and Optimizing CF Applications for Performance and Scalability
CU227 John Paul Ashenfelter Best Practice Bootcamp for Developers
CU228 Charlie Arehart New in CFMX 6 and 7: What Did You Miss?

Do You Need Multilingualism?

In order to reach international markets through the Internet, supporting different cultures through our applications is essential for being successful. ColdFusion MX comes with an integrated infrastructure for creating international applications.

The internet is continuing to make the world a smaller place. Multi-lingual sites are becoming essential for many businesses, especially those that market products internationally.

The multi-language application is not an auto-translator like those found on Google or Babel Fish. Adding multi-language capabilities other than English should be done from the ground up. All the code that represents the language to the user (buttons, menus, prompts, help, text, dialog-boxes, etc.) must be found and altered to support language independence. This problem multiplies exponentially when you deal with applications that have hundreds of thousands of lines of code, which have been created over time and modified constantly by different developers. Hard-coding the language dependent text within your view code makes the process of adding multilingual capability extremely complex. One will have to develop an individual application for every language he wants to support. Maintaining such a program will be yet another headache.

So, we need to define a way to create multilingual applications as straightforward as possible.

In this case, I would like to let you know that I will present a whole day class just before CFUnited: "Multi Language Applications in CF in Theory and Practice"

I will show best practices while coding with ColdFusion and interacting with related platforms such as databases, Java, XML etc. As a developer who has already programmed more than a hundred multi lingual websites in different languages such as German, Norwegian, Turkish, Arabic, and Korean, I would like to share my experiences in this class.

If you are trying to create multi language applications from scratch, or if you have applications you want to modify but would like to learn best practices or even if you have plan to have ability to use international names such as "René" or "João", you need to attend this class to learn best practices with code examples.

Register now!

New class - CF Server Administration for Security and more

We have a new pre-conference class for Server admins and developers on how to administer your ColdFusion Server, with an eye toward security.

Learn all the pieces of the CF admin and what settings are critical for security. Plus things you should never do in your code if you want your site to be secure. How to prevent deadlocks, how to control the JVM, Client variables setup and issues and Error handler best practices.

More information at:

Pre-Conference Classes update

Updates on the pre-conference classes have been posted. See changes to Nate Nelson, Simon Horwith, and Rob Gonda's class descriptions.

*Currently Peter Bell's Class is half full. All other classes have plenty of seating available. *

See descriptions on all classes at:

Monday 6/25

CU221 -Rob Gonda -Flex Intensive for ColdFusion Developers

CU222 -Kurtis D. Leatham -Creating Your First Cold Fusion Application

CU223 -Oguz Demirkapi -Multi Language Applications in CF in Theory and Practice

CU224 -Nate Nelson -Advanced Database

Tuesday 6/26

CU225 -Peter Bell -Practical Code Generation: By Example

CU226 -Simon Horwith -Architecting and Optimizing CF Applications for Performance and Scalability

CU227 -John Paul Ashenfelter -Best Practice Bootcamp for Developers

CU228 -Charlie Arehart -New in CFMX 6&7: What Did You Miss?

Frameworks Pre-Conference Class with Joe Rinehart NEW!


Rapid Application Development with Model-Glue 2.0

Location: Bethesda North Marriott

In this class, we're going to write an online store in eight hours. We'll be using Model-Glue 2.0, also known as "Unity," a ground-up rewrite of the popular Model-Glue framework for ColdFusion. Model-Glue 2.0 is the first ColdFusion framework to provide scaffolding, the ability to automatically generate Object-Oriented, database-driven applications. In this class, we'll learn about the RAD capabilities this provides by using Model-Glue, in conjunction with the Reactor ORM framework, to create a functioning online store. We'll also learn a bit about agile development methodologies as well as the ColdSpring framework.

Instructor: Joe Rinehart REGISTER NOW

Frameworks Pre-Conference Classes

We are announcing the pre-conference classes that will be held on January 31st 2007 at the Bethesda North Marriott in Maryland.

FB201 - Intermediate Fusebox 5 Instructor: Theo Rushin

FB301 - Advanced Fusebox Instructor: Jeff Peters

TBA - Joe Rinehart

For more information about the classes, go to

Testing ColdFusion by John Paul Ashenfelter AND Paul Kenney

Just in, The CU213_6-26-06 Testing ColdFusion taught John Paul Ashenfelter will also be taught by Paul Kenney who actually wrote cfcunit!

sign up today!

Pre-conference classes posted! Winner of FREE Memory Stick is Dave Shuck

Pre-conference classes posted! Limit 30 per class. Winner of FREE Memory Stick is Dave Shuck, congrats!

View our complete class schedule for more information.

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