In order to reach international markets through the Internet, supporting different cultures through our applications is essential for being successful. ColdFusion MX comes with an integrated infrastructure for creating international applications.

The internet is continuing to make the world a smaller place. Multi-lingual sites are becoming essential for many businesses, especially those that market products internationally.

The multi-language application is not an auto-translator like those found on Google or Babel Fish. Adding multi-language capabilities other than English should be done from the ground up. All the code that represents the language to the user (buttons, menus, prompts, help, text, dialog-boxes, etc.) must be found and altered to support language independence. This problem multiplies exponentially when you deal with applications that have hundreds of thousands of lines of code, which have been created over time and modified constantly by different developers. Hard-coding the language dependent text within your view code makes the process of adding multilingual capability extremely complex. One will have to develop an individual application for every language he wants to support. Maintaining such a program will be yet another headache.

So, we need to define a way to create multilingual applications as straightforward as possible.

In this case, I would like to let you know that I will present a whole day class just before CFUnited: "Multi Language Applications in CF in Theory and Practice"

I will show best practices while coding with ColdFusion and interacting with related platforms such as databases, Java, XML etc. As a developer who has already programmed more than a hundred multi lingual websites in different languages such as German, Norwegian, Turkish, Arabic, and Korean, I would like to share my experiences in this class.

If you are trying to create multi language applications from scratch, or if you have applications you want to modify but would like to learn best practices or even if you have plan to have ability to use international names such as "René" or "João", you need to attend this class to learn best practices with code examples.

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