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State of the CF Union survey 2014

Help us find out the State of the CF Union with this survey - what versions of ColdFusion do people use, what frameworks, tools etc. We will share the summary results and a report on the state of the union with everyone who completes the survey so that you can see how you compare with other CFML developers. That way you can stay ahead of what tools top developers are using today, what databases are hot and see if the project issues you have are common or unique.

Hey perhaps acting on the gap between where you are today and what you see in the survey report will get you that next promotion or new job. Or at the least make your next project more successful. Knowledge is power!

Thanks for your time completing this survey.

We will announce the final results on Tuesday Feb 11th 2014.

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Survey Q and A

  • Q: Where are the results from previous years' surveys?
  • A: CF State of the Union 2013 survey results are here.
  • CF State of the Union 2010 survey results are here.
  • CF State of Hosting 2010 survey results are here.

If you have other suggestions please comment or email me.

Know ColdFusion, will travel (CF job in Germany)

David TattersallIf you know ColdFusion and love doing tech support and like the idea of living in the heart of Europe then maybe this job in Germany with my friend David Tattersall of Intergral would be interesting. I visited their office over the summer and it is a great place to work and live. And only a short train or car ride from many cool places in Germany, France, and Italy so you can take advantage of the 24 vacation days per year! (That is on top of the 12 national holidays they have)

Note: the office language is English – it is not required that you speak German to work at Intergral. Assistance with relocation will be provided. For US applicant’s they will also provide assistance with getting the appropriate work VISA allowing you to work in EUROPE.