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CF Yoga

Do you bend over your computer all day programming? Do you get stressed out, neck ache, shoulder pain, mouse wrist, back ache?

CF Yoga can help! This will be a 30 minute yoga session that you can do in a chair - so no need for fancy yoga clothes or yoga mat. And you can take these exercises back to your office to do during the day to help keep you relaxed and healthy during the rest of the year.

When: Thursday 11:45am - 12:15pm (after the day two keynote)
Where: Faulkner
(This bonus session is not on the schedule)

Kosher Lunch

If you checked off the Kosher meal when you registered you can find your lunch in room "Potomac A". We only ordered Kosher food for those who requested it, so please don't eat there if you didn't request it, so that there is enough Kosher food for those who need it. Thanks!