Last week Liz asked attendees a few questions about what they were looking forward to at CFUnited. Here are what some of you had to say...

What are you looking forward to most?

"Being surrounded by thousands of other CFML developers. I love the sense of community I get from attending CFUnited. This year will be my second (consecutive) in attendance, and I've already made plans to meet a few community folks I've been talking with on Twitter for a while now. CFUnited is also the only formal CF training I get every year, and it's great to see what everyone is up to and learn some tips and tricks to improve my own code. This year, I'm particularly hoping to pick up some new ColdSpring tricks from Mark Drew's Better Living Through Configuration presentation, as well as improve my OO approach by attending Peter Bell's RAD OO presentation. Most of all, though, I'm pumped to see what new stuff Joe Rinehart will be presenting on Model-Glue 3." - A. Tuttle

"I think I would have to say the chance to actually interact firsthand with people in the community that I truly admire and learn from." - S. Wing

Which speaker will most likely end up on your camera?

"At MAX it was Joe Rinehart, in london it was Chaz Chumely and Shlomy Gantz, in 2006 CFUnited it was Ben Forta, in 2007 CFUnited is was Nate Nelson and Simon Horwith, so this year I bet I'll have Ray Camden, Mark Drew, and probably some of the guys from Webapper." - L. Frederick

"As many as can fit in my camera, which means it will cover atleast all from the sessions I attend. I am eager to attend the ColdBox session by Luis Majano at the very minimum." - R. Narula

"I don't take many pictures and not a big fan of photography but if there is one possibility it might be Mark Drew after visiting the Tattoo place." - A. Haskell

"Ray Camden/Ben Forta" - L. Smith

What do you plan to do outside conference time?

"Since this will also be a mini vacation, I will be checking out some of the museums, galleries and hang around the bar (I understand this is where the best networking happens). I have also scheduled a photography workshop, with E. David Luria, where we will photograph the monuments at night when they're lit up." - M. Harman

"Well at cfObjective, I seemed to spend most of it watching the geek shows I had missed (Lost and BSG) during the conference. ;) At this one I'll probably spend most of my time at the bar since that's where all the best conversations are." - R. Camden

Fill in the blank: I will mainly be around the ______ booth.

"It will be Adobe and no points for guessing the reason :-). I would also make sure to pay my visit to the Fusion Authority booth, still have the T-shirt I won from their booth ;-)" - R. Narula

"I will mainly be around the Savvy Software booth as Joshua is a WoWer like me and I need to bug him for level 40+ tips." - R. Camden

Do you have a new project you are working on and will reveal it at CFUnited?f

"Yes I do - but as it is a work related project - it will get revealed back home after CFUNITED." - S. Wing

"Actually, I do have a project that about 10 people are working on right now. Hopefully all will be revealed and attendees will love it." - L. Frederick