We are excited to have Railo at CFUnited this year. They will be partially exhibiting near the Intergral booth. We also plan to give them a BOF session. More details soon. This news is so new it isn't posted anywhere because we are a little busy at the moment.

Railo Technologies GmbH, founded 2006 is located in Bern, Switzerland.

The Railo CFML engine project was started in 2002 and was built for the purpose of creating a high performance CFML engine which transforms pages written in CFML into executable Java Bytecode.

After months of programming, we were able to release the first version of Railo Alpha 1 back in November 2004. After a few further alpha releases and a couple of beta releases we launched Railo 1.0 in June 2006. The latest and fastest release of Railo, version 2.0 was launched on August 25th 2007. Railo 3.0 will be launched in August 2008.

On Scotch on the Rocks in Edinburgh this year we announced that we will completely open source Railo 3.1 and host it on the community portal jboss.org. Partnering with JBoss allows us to gain access to a complete new market and a huge community of potential contributors for the CFML engine.

Railo Technologies has several customers that already use their CFML engine. Just to name a few:
- Apple Inc.
- IDG Communications Inc.
- Spiegel Germany
- Radio Television Luxembourg (RTL media)
- Peta
- Warner Bros.
- Swiss Tourism
and many more.