Tom de Manincor talks about his CFUnited presentation on CFQUERY versus the DB.

Is this your first time speaking at CFUnited?

Tom: Yes, this is my first time speaking at CFUnited. It is also the first time I will be attending the event, as well. I have heard great things about the conference and I am excited to be there, and to be a part of it this year.

Why should people attend your session?

Tom: My session, CF versus the DB, covers one of the grey areas in CF development.

This grey area stems from an evolution process most CF developers go through. Being that CF is failry easy to pick up, it leaves alot of power at any level of developer's fingertips. One of the CF's strong points is its ability to interface with databases. Commonly done with CFQUERY, CF's native approach. As your application grows, and demands more, there are things to consider in order to maximize performance. Using CF to do all your database work, while possible, may not be the best approach. In this session, we will examine what CF is doing, and what the database can do. We will discover the process in depth. Analyzing scenarios where it is appropriate to use CF, and when it is not. The goal here is to gain an understanding of how to balance the power of ColdFusion and the database to benefit you as a developer, and your applications.