Jared Rypka-Hauer is unable to teach the pre-conference class on Tuesday June 17th. In his place Scott Stroz will be instructing this class.

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CU238 Scott Stroz ColdFusion's AJAX Advantage

How to make the most of ColdFusion 8's EXT2 integration

ColdFusion 8 has some great AJAX widgets built in, but there's far more available than simply what's available via the ColdFusion API. Behind that API is a rich and very extensive set of tools from the EXT JavaScript AJAX library. Come to this class to get tools, tips and tricks for leveraging some of the power of EXT in your applications. We will go over various APIs for the EXT objects that ColdFusion exposes directly (like the grid object) as well as some of the supporting objects that make the EXT framework so powerful.