Dan Wilson

Dan Wilson talks about his CFUnited presentation on Refactoring to Object Oriented Programming in ColdFusion

Why should people attend your session?

Dan: Making the transition from procedural programming to Object Oriented programming is hard! It requires a whole new shift in logical thinking. It is easy to get stuck in endlessly circular thought loops trying to understand Object Orientation by reading blog articles and books, I know because I've done it myself.

If you've been interested in Object Orientation and want information straight from the horses mouth, come to my Refactoring in ColdFusion session. We'll cover basic but important OO structures in ColdFusion. We'll examine some procedural ColdFusion code and compare it with the refactored OO version. Finally, we'll talk about some helpful tips designed to help you over the hump.

What is the highlight of your session?

Dan: Most material on Object Oriented programming is written with the Java language. In my session, all the examples are in ColdFusion! The highlight of my session is the abundant code samples. We have lots of code samples. Everyone likes code samples, right?