Luis Majano talks about his CFUnited presentation on ColdBox Framework 101.

1. Is this your first time speaking at CFUnited?

Luis: Yes, this will be my first time attending and first time speaking at CFUnited.

2. Why should people attend your session?

Luis: ColdBox Framework is a new generation ColdFusion Framework & Toolkit that will help you develop your applications faster than ever. Learn how ColdBox is more than a Framework and how it can help drive you or your company into creating stable and more agile applications. With software features like: ioc integration, rss reader and generators, robust and configurable caching engine, unit testing integrations, application generation, bug reporting, AOP error logging, logging facilities, UI plugins, query helpers, view helpers, security modules, SES pretty URL support, java and CF utilities, and so much more.

ColdBox is also an event-driven remote framework that can help you create a solid backend or set of services for your Ajax/Flex and Air applications. The Framework morphs into a remote framework, no more MVC land. It can even help you create multiple interfaces for your same application. Apply the same set of conventions, methodologies and best practices to all kinds of GUI's.

3. Will people see anything new at your session?

Luis: They will see a first hand look of all the new features of the up and coming version 2.6.0, or they might even get to see and take the latest version home.

4. What is the highlight of your session?

Luis: The highlight of my session is to demystify the usage of a conventions based framework and how ColdBox is more than just an MVC framework, but also a toolkit and a remote driven framework. It will show ColdFusion developers how easy it is to build applications using a conventions based framework and how agile their applications can become by applying all the OO principles you will learn with ColdBox.