We want to thank House of Fusion for being a media sponsor for CFUnited Europe!

"You're using ColdFusion and you need to know the answer to a question. You need to talk to someone who knows more ColdFusion than you. You need it now. Where do you go? Since 1996 (and earlier) the answer has been to the House of Fusion. Whether it's the high volume ColdFusion Technical Talk list (CF-Talk), another one of our popular technical (or non-technical) mailing lists, or articles, House of Fusion has always been there to enhance the ColdFusion developer community.

In addition, there is the Fusion Authority, the ColdFusion technical journal whose print edition brings you up-to-date with all the latest ColdFusion information and techniques. The clear, well-written articles bring even the highest level concepts down to earth.

The bottom line is that House of Fusion and Fusion Authority have the information you need to be a ColdFusion professional. "