An Interview with Mark Drew, Speaker at CFUNITED Europe Mar 09, 2008

by Paul Vernon

With CFUNITED Europe coming up, Paul Vernon, Fusion Authority reporter, has interviewed Mark Drew about his upcoming presentations and his work on the open source CFEclipse project.

Paul Vernon:
So, I guess the first question is, how did it all start for you? How did you get involved with ColdFusion, and what makes you stick with it?

Mark Drew:
My first involvement was back in 1997. I was working for a company called Nettec, and we were asked to develop an insurance quoting system. Up until then, I had been using Perl on an e-Commerce product called Intershop, and I didn't think Perl was up to the job, especially when you considered the time we had to do it, so I had a look around and stumbled upon ColdFusion. In about an afternoon I had most of the system written, apart from the pretty interface. After that, I recommended it to other developers for any custom work we had to do. We all loved it since we all came from a HTML background. It was a nice fit, and seemed to make a lot of sense.

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