I wanted to clarify the process for announcing the rest of the CFUnited 2009 topics.

A total of 100 topics will be accepted for CFUnited.

We have announced about half of the topics last week.

We have a list of topics and new speakers that are potentially going to be accepted. We will announce about 5 or 6 per month. Speakers will be notified of their potential status and informed early enough of their acceptance.

Included in those 50 or so topics are CF, Centaur, Bolt, Flex, Air, Manager, Beginner, Advanced, etc. So it is still anyone's gain.

We are doing this so that we have a good number of topics that are new. The Advisory Board has made it very clear to me that they want to make sure we have the right variety and a good mix of speakers.

As for the Centaur/Bolt Topics there has been some adjustments lately. The exclusivity will be held only to a handful of certain topics that are assigned or approved from Adobe. The possibility that other events will be talking about Centaur/Bolt now is welcome based on guidelines from their organizer which I am not aware of at this time. But I do know that some events are looking at potential Centaur topics and are pleased that the exclusivity is lifted.

I am really pleased with the feedback from the Adv Board and the community. Blog comments and Twitter discussions have proven to be valuable to us.

Please add 'lizign' and 'cfunited' on your twitter follow. I'll ask questions from time to time and I'd love to follow you as well.

Happy New Year everyone. Please continue feedback and thanks for those who registered early. I'll have to think of a treat to send everyone. It is really helping us afford the venue deposit due soon and start off the new year right.