Raymond Camden told me yesterday that he is definitely going to speak at our CFUnderground event in San Francisco November 16th. I'm super excited now to have Ray present. He also told me that he's going to switch things up a bit for this more informal event and talk about the amazing experiences he's had discovering awesome tools like source control, unit tests, frameworks, coldspring, etc. These are things he didn't know 10 years ago and I'm sure if you think back to the early days of coding, you'll find that your practices were much different.

Hopefully you can come visit us before the MAX event and share this fun experience with Myself, Nafisa, Ray, Adam, Joe, and Jeff.


I'm bringing back the CFUnderground I use to enjoy the most. Good people, good discussions, good times.

This is lowest price we've ever charged for CFUnderground and in San Francisco no less! Don't miss out.

See you at MAX!