CFUnited Podcast: Simon Horwith: Success From The Trenches - Building Better Applications

Hosted by Christian Ready

What is it that makes some applications successful while others fail? What causes server performance and stability issues and how do you avoid and troubleshoot them? Can ColdFusion applications really scale? In this session, Simon will explain the traits that make some applications a success and others fail. He will explore the things that developers can do to ensure that their applications will scale. He will walk you through the thought process when architecting and/or code reviewing a ColdFusion application. Simon's 11+ years of experience developing, designing, reviewing, and troubleshooting ColdFusion applications has exposed him to some of the largest enterprise CF applications and most rigorous demands on the planet, and he has seen first-hand what does and doesn't work in the real world. In this session, Simon will divulge many of the tricks of the trade that will lead to success for attendees.

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