Hi developers all over the world, we are announcing most of the topics for CFUnited Europe this week. This is the first list released and is subject to change upon speaker availability.

Thank you to all speakers who submitted topics and suggestions. We look forward to having you speak at future events around the world.

Each speaker will be contacted and if the invitation is accepted, that speaker will receive free hotel accommodations and free conference attendance. Congratulations and Thanks!

This list will be posted to http://europe.cfunited.com

"Coding in XML" Andrew Schwabe

"Recursive Technique in ColdFusion" Andrew Schwabe

"Dynamic Presentation using ColdFusion 8" Chaz Chumley

"Creating and Consuming WebServices with ColdFusion 8" Chaz Chumley

"Atom and RSS feeds with ColdFusion 8" Chaz Chumley

"Case Study: Using FLiP as a sole developer" Christian Ready

"Flex for ColdFusion Developers" Jeff Tapper

"Pragmatic ColdFusion: Build, Test, Deploy" John Paul Ashenfelter

"Testing ColdFusion" John Paul Ashenfelter

"Fusebox Scaffolding" Kevin Roche

"CFEclipse Plus!" Mark Drew

"Ajax with ColdFusion, Spry and Scriptaculous" Massimo Foti

"Using your Whole Brain for Developers" Michael Smith

"Practical Code Generation" Peter Bell

"RAD OO" Peter Bell

"Using The Iterating Business Object" Peter Bell

"Ajax Development using ColdFusion 8" Rakshith N

"Embrace Factories" Rob Gonda

"ColdFusion Powered Ajax" Rob Gonda

"Implementing Useability: Improve your Chances" Ron West

"Application security" Russ Michaels

"Managing ColdFusion Projects from start to finish" Shlomy Gantz

"ColdFusion and the User Experience" Simon Horwith

Please feel free to repost this information.