A message from Adam Bell:

Hey Everyone,

A lot of you may be aware that about 2 1/2 years ago back in New Orleans I created a new type of 'conference' called MiniMAX which originally was supposed to be a once and done event for the local New Orleanians before Macromedia (now Adobe) did their annual MAX user conference. Little did I know it was going to become a hit and now it's been used at various web conferences across North America. For those unaware of the concept, it's me and five other speakers yapping and doing tutorials in a 15 minute per session format. So the whole thing gets done, prize drawings and all, in 2 1/2 hours or less.

Two weeks ago, I got to do it in Toronto for the very first time before the annual FITC (Flash in the Can) conference. I was pretty pumped on this because this was my sixth trip to Toronto and I knew the region pretty well and the local culture. So I took advantage of that and did a little opening bit around that. Most of you won't get the bit unless you know a lot about Canadian Sports Television and Canadian Culture. So with that in mind, you might want to check this out first to see what I spoofed:


Then go to http://blip.tv/posts/view/?user=cullin and view the video from the event and hopefully, it'll make sense. Whatever the case, you can view my Photoshop/Illustrator/Fireworks 3D session and you'll probably understand that. There's at least one more preso up there and there should be more on blip later this week.

Be sure to sign up for MiniMAX SE7EN http://www.minimaxconference.com/