Note: Part of the audio of this presentation was never recorded. Sorry about that!

2006 marks the fifth year that New Atlanta has been present at CFUN/CFUnited since BlueDragon was first introduced at CFUN'02. Today, BlueDragon is firmly established as a world-class, enterprise-ready alternative for deploying CFML applications in standard Java/J2EE and Microsoft .NET server environments. During the first part of this keynote session, Vince Bonfanti, president and co-founder of New Atlanta, will provide an overview of the history of BlueDragon and trace its evolution over the years, highlighting significant customer successes in government, education, health care, finance, retail, and other industries.

During the second part of this keynote, Vince will highlight and demonstrate some of the unique features offered by BlueDragon and how you can use these features to improve your productivity and the performance of your CFML applications. Vince will conclude by demonstrating some of the new features being introduced in BlueDragon 7.0 that continue BlueDragon's tradition of innovation and leadership in the CFML server market.

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