In the first of our CFUnited 2007 previews, Charlie Arehart talks on CFMX 6 and 7 and the features that were released.

Planning to move to CF8? Did you skip either 6 or 7? Or have you perhaps installed and been running them but doing little to no new development? Were you paying attention as all the new features (and the folks' experiences using them) were being shared? There may be a lot you've missed. Veteran CFML developer Charlie Arehart will introduce both the key features introduced in these releases as well as many hidden gems. It's surprising how many little thins get slipped into releases, and point releases, and sometimes it's those which can be as important to you as any prominent feature. In his typical encyclopedic but pragmatic style, Charlie will help you make the most out of features you may have missed. Of course, this is just a 20-minute preview of what is in fact a day-long course. But it will give you a taste of what's to expect and will provide value in and of itself.

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