Ever run across a problem where you needed to store data into a multidimensional array that contains a multidimensional array that contains a structure? What would the logical storage container look like that houses a companies org chart? This topic will show you how to create such a complex container, populate it with data, and then get the data back out. We will be covering Arrays and Structures and ways that you can mix and match these containers to create one huge container for your complex data.

This discussion will cover a real world example of an application that uses a complex container to automatically generate dynamic reports for several different people at different times throughout the year. The complex container that will be discussed houses information about the report itself, information about the people getting the report, and the unique parameters that gets passed into the report each time the report is generated. A sample applet will be provided that contains all of the required source code and database tables to implement an auto report generating applet.

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