I hope everyone is familiar with our awesome sponsors! If not, I hope you visit their booths at the event. Our sponsors really help shape the community and keep these events exciting. We've recently aquired new sponsors, so we just had to announce them all together. This list is in no specific order.

AboutWeb, Silver Sponsor, is running the community pit and I hear it is going to have a really cool set up this year. Lots of prizes and activities. I know Simon and Nick Tunney look forward to presenting their awesome topics and another one soon to be announced in the Flex track. http://www.aboutweb.com/

Webapper, Silver Sponsor, will be announcing a really cool topic to be presented at the conference soon. I'm sure everyone saw their awesome Seefusion tshirts last year. You see, I see, we all see. http://webapper.com/

Straker Interactive, Silver Sponsor, is making the long trip again to join us. Don't forget to check out their booth for a demo of their cool product ShadowCMS with ZoomFlex. http://straker.co.nz/

CFDynamics, Elevated Silver Sponsor, is going out of their way to make the attendee get-together pretty awesome this year I heard. Can't wait! Plus they've been incredible help with hosting our conference websites. Thanks guys! http://www.cfdynamics.com/

Paperthin, Elevated Silver Sponsor, will be coming again in full force and looks forward to meeting everyone this year, including Ron West who will be announcing his topic soon. http://www.paperthin.com/

Hostmysite, Gold Sponsor, will be out and about displaying their awesome service and keeping us well hydrated with bottles of water at every corner. Plus they will be co-sponsoring the attendee ColdFusion celebration with Adobe again. http://www.adobe.com/

Adobe, Platinum Sponsor, is taking their place at the top and they are coming in full fashion this year with incredible topics and awesome prizes. TeraTech is proud of its partnership with Adobe and looks forward to a successful year creating awesome applications with ColdFusion and Flex. And I can't wait for Ben Forta's Keynote presentation this year, can you? http://www.adobe.com/

Edgewood Solutions, Bronze Sponsor, will be participating again this year and making sure everyone knows how they do SQL better. Jeremy Kadlec's topic will be announced soon and you won't want to miss this presentation. http://www.edgewoodsolutions.com/

New Atlanta, Gold Sponsor, is back with their awesome server-side products and ready to meet all of you. Not to mention we love their cool give-a-ways. Be sure to check out their new presentation being announced soon. http://www.newatlanta.com/

Universal Mind, Silver Sponsor, looks forward to meeting everyone again at their booth and don't forget their awesome presenter Thomas Burleson speaking in the Flex Track. http://www.universalmind.com/

Sys-con Media, Bronze Sponsor, is providing a free copy of ColdFusion Developer's Journal again to everyone at the conference. So don't forget to look in your goodie bag for the latest issue at the conference. Oh, and keep an eye out for CFUnited's ad in the next issue of CFDJ. http://coldfusion.sys-con.com/

A big thanks to all our sponsors for their support and contribution to this amazing community. All attendees will receive cool promotions and gain lots of valueable information from our sponsors. We hope to post all these sponsors and more details on our newly designed CFUnited website soon. Be sure to visit them as well during our Sponsored Networking Event on the first night of the conference.

If you would like to sponsor, contact LIZ, at 301.424.3903 x107