Thursday, December 6, 2007, 12:00 PM

Online meeting via Adobe Connect

Pragmatic ColdFusion: Build, Test, Deploy, with John Paul Ashenfelter Many developers are aware of tools to automate and empower software development tasks, ranging from source control software to test suites and continuous integration tools. Frequently however, the realities of making deadlines and concerns about complexity or learning curves lead developers to use the same old practices they always have used. This session shows you how to quickly and simply put an open-source, standards-based system in place that can

* manage source code using Subversion

* reset the database to a known state for repeatable testing

* run code-level unit tests with CFCUnit to improve code quality

* automate user-level functional and acceptance tests in the browser using Selenium

* automatically build and deploy code to the appropriate environment using Ant

We'll start with a working demonstration of the automated process, provide an overview of each tool, and discuss the various ways to take these tools and apply them into your current development environment. The main focus will be on using Ant and various plugins to orchestrate the testing and automation process.

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