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CFUnited Express New York April 20th

Hello NYC! We are coming back to your home town.

Only $149

Register now!

It will be held at the Pace University on April 20th.

We will have coffee, snacks, lunch, and lots of free stuff. Including a CF8 tag poster for each person. Lots of prizes and software to give away. Even a free ticket to CFUnited.

REMEMBER, when you register at an express event you can use 100% of your registration as a discount towards CFUnited's main event in August.

Topics and Speakers:

Advanced Custom Tags Presented By Ben Nadel

Charting with ColdFusion and Flex Presented By Andrew Schwabe

Flex-a-sketch: Creating online drawing and image creation tools Presented By Simon Free

Practical Code Generation Presented By Peter Bell

Selling Selling CF Development to Small and Mid Size Businesses Presented By Sean Hanover

TBA topic Presented By Jeff Tapper

CFUnited Express Denver April 6th

Please pass along the information.

CFUnited is coming to Denver for the first time!

Only $149 Register now!

It will be held at the Denver Athletic Club on April 6th.

We will have coffee, snacks, lunch, and lots of free stuff. Including a CF8 tag poster for everyone. Lots of prizes and software to give away. Even a free ticket to CFUnited. More speakers will be announced soon. So far we have Patrick Quinn, Nate Nelson, and Rob Rusher. Stay tuned!

REMEMBER, when you register at an express event you can use 100% of your registration as a discount towards CFUnited's main event in August.

Community App: CF_REF by Brian Kai

Spreading the News: Brian Kai, a 2008 CFUnited Alumni, developed an iPhone/iPod Touch application available for free on the iTunes AppStore. The app is called CF_REF and is simply a CF tag reference application that allows one to browse CF tag syntax without being online or carrying around a large reference manual. It?s his very first iPhone application but I plan on updating it the more I learn about Objective-C and Xcode. He initially designed this app for his own benefit but after a couple coworkers expressed interest in it, he decided to submit it on the AppStore so others can benefit as well.

We love to share what the CFUnited Alumni community has learned and developed. If you have a cool application you'd like to share, let us know and we'd be happy to spread the word. :-)

5 more topics announced

Congratulations to Clark and Hal, Brian, Andrew, Jeff, and Sean!

Here are the next round of topics announced for CFUnited 2009. Next month we will announce 5 more.

Clark Valberg and Hal Helms "Dancing with the Devil: Dealing With Difficult Customers"

Ah, customers: business would be great if we could just get rid of them! The humor in this statement is the absurdity of it, yet it's easy to understand the feelings that prompt it. In this session, Hal and Clark (who believe they've had MORE than their share of difficult customers) explain how the term "difficult customer" often is often misapplied; more often the problem is that a bad dynamic has been established between developer and client. Using real-life case studies, we'll share specific techniques we've found to be successful in both (a) avoiding problems in the first place and (b) turning "difficult customers" into enthusiastic fans.


Brian Rinaldi "A CF Developer's Guide to the Mate Flex Framework"

Learn how to use the Mate framework when building a Flex application that connects to ColdFusion. Mate was developed by Nahuel Foronda of ASFusion and is an easy-to-use and powerful framework for Flex development. It will feel comfortable to many ColdFusion developers who use common MVC frameworks. This session will show you the basics of using Mate in a Flex/AIR application.


Andrew Schwabe "Flex and Google App Engine"

This is a presentation on how to build a simple application with flex on top of google app engine (GAE) which uses python and python AMF.


Jeff Tapper "How not to code flex applications"

Having worked on hundreds of various flex applications, I've had a chance to see all sorts of bad practices in use. In this session, we will look at several mistakes: common ones, amusing ones, ones which got someone fired, and talk through ways of making you a better coder, or at least one who makes a better caliber of mistakes.


Sean Moore "Flex Best Practices"

This presentation is based on my experience developing internet based applications. I wrote two articles on Best Practices for the Adobe Flex Developer Center on the website last year. This presentation cover many of the topics and bullet points from my articles. The presentation is meant to help developers write more maintainable, scalable, clean, organized code and develop Flex projects in the same manner.

CFUnited Website redesign sneak peeker

One randomly selected person from CFUnited's twitter followers on Monday at 5pm will be chosen to get a sneak peek of the conference website redesign. It sets the tone for this year's event and well I can't say too much but we figured we tease everyone for our enjoyment.

Nafisa says she's done with the prototype phase and Elliott is working on the development stages.

New homepage is live!

Hi everyone. We've been busy. Sorry about the multiple blog entries. The homepage has been converted so that attendees and those at home can easily view what is going on for the conference. Enjoy!

New Design for

Take a look at the updated design of

- Now you have the ability to view content from past year's events. When you log in, select for which year and you'll get access to presentations and more.

- We've added a podcast link.

- Updated our Blog.

- With the new design of the site, you'll get a sense of the look and feel for CFUnited 2008

Thank you Elliott for the all the hard work you put into the website. We are looking forward to what's next for the future.

CFUnited website redesign

Hey Folks, Check out our new CFUnited website! We are excited to release the new design to the public today. Elliott and my team did an awesome job and we will continue to make updates regularly to improve year round.

Also, we will be posting classes this week! So come back and visit to view more changes.

What else are we working on for the future? Elliott, our Software Engineer for CFUnited, is working on a new registration system for all our conferences that will be faster and easier. Also, CFUnited Europe will be posted soon as well.

What do you think?

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