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Win a Hyper-V VPS from Media3

We are very excited to have Media3 as a Silver Sponsor at CFUnited this year. To share in all the excitement, Media3 is giving us a Hyper-V VPS to CFUnited so that we can raffle it off to a randomly selected registered attendee by March 31, 2009! These VPS' are residing on 64 bit DELL 900 series servers with CF Enterprise, and are connected to a Gigi Bit switched network in their SAS70 data center. It is the latest technology.

Below is a message from Bob Hayes, the CEO and Founder Media3.

We know that finding a reliable hosting company to work with is not easy. So you'll be happy to know that at Media3 we don't believe in cutting corners.

Our idea is simple and hasn't changed since 1995.

We specialize in hosting the powerful development features of ColdFusion from Adobe. The pages that you visit at are driven by ColdFusion, in fact, our entire support, billing , sales and control panel functions are driven by CF. As a Premier Adobe Hosting Partner and a long term CF user, we are uniquely positioned to assist you in all aspects of your ColdFusion hosting environment.

Have you ever watched the Miss Universe Pageant, used Equal Sweetener, Ever rode a Roller Coaster at Cedar Park in N.J. watched Ultimate Fighter Championship on Spike TV, thumbed through a National Geographic Magazine, heard of the United Auto Workers or United Nations? Well, all of the above and ten's of thousands more have trusted us with their web presence and email.

We are one of the pioneers in the website hosting industry. We currently serve thousands of professional website designers and developers, just like you. We know how important proper professional hosting is to you and your clients. SERIOUS HOSTING FOR SOLID BUSINESS

We are proud sponsors of the CFUNITED conference this August and hope to see you there. We are committed to the CF community and will be announcing a very special offer to ALL those who register, which we will announce at a later date. We have offered the Adobe evangelist free windows 2008 Hyper-V VPS' for both personal and professional projects. And we are looking to assist the community with any CF hosting issues.

For all those that register by March 31st Media3 is giving CFUnited one of our Hyper-V VPS to be given away in a drawing. These VPS' are residing on 64 bit DELL 900 series servers with CF Enterprise, and are connected to a Gigi Bit switched network in our SAS70 data center. It is the latest technology.

See the enhanced plan at

Look forward to seeing you at the show !

Bob Hayes CEO and Founder Media3

CFUnited Valentines Day Raffle

Register for CFUnited by Feb 14th and you will be entered into a raffle to win $150 gift certificate to Think Geek!.

Check out all the cool stuff you get at

*Everyone already registered will be included in the raffle.

iPod Touch - end of early bird raffle results

Anyone who registered before the early bird date for CFUnited Europe and CFUnited USA 2008 was entered in a raffle to win an iPod Touch.

Winner for CFUnited Europe: Simon Wallace-Jones

Winner for CFUnited: Rob Langston

Congratulations! Look in your mail box for your prize!

Boy am I jealous. I'd love an iPod Touch, who wouldn't. More opportunities to win an iPod Touch or Nintendo Wii will be announced later. Don't miss out!

Conference Prizes From Our Sponsors

Just after the Q&A Panel Friday, we will do most of our raffle give-aways. Some raffles will be during lunch and networking events. If you are not present, you cannot win.

Prizes from our sponsors!

Copies of Flex and CF8 (winners will be delivered CF8 1.5 months after the event)

Free Consulting and 1 Free TeraTech Class Admission

1 Free Ticket to CFUnited 2008 and mugs
DW8 Exam Buster

License for FusionDebug

Free entrance to Flexmaniacs 2008 - Date TBD

20 books all different (list coming soon)
Awesome items all ranging from about $50-$100 each!
Powermonkey - Emergency charger, MP4 Video Watch, Executive Dashboard, Instant Music, Cool IT Chiller -Beverage Chiller

Straker Interactive:
Full Copy of ZoomFlex

3 annual subscriptions

More prizes to come...

Previous Entries