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Continental Airlines Discount for attendees

We will update this on the Travel Page as well.

Continental Airlines Attendee Discount

Book at and enter your Offer Code: ZFJJC6DTQF

If booking through a travel professional or Continental MeetingWorks at 800-468-7022, Please give them the following information

Z Code: ZFJJ

Agreement Code: C6DTQF

For One-Way Published Fares - Excluding Tax

Discount is 2% off for fares less than $399

Discount is 5% off for fares between $399 - $749

Discount is 15% off for fares $750 and above

CFUnited Travel and Commuters Information

Thanks Scott Stroz, a new member of our advisory board, who told me to submit an entry about the travel for CFUnited 2009 TODAY.

Lansdwone Resort is not along the metro. We know this is one of the items attendees wanted, however we've made arrangements to make it as painless as possible.

Some of the reasons we decided to go with the new venue was because the cost of rooms in DC or even near the metro were very expensive and there aren't that many options for a venue that can hold a conference with over 500 attendees comfortably. Attendees have been hoping for lower guest room rates, better services, and perks. So we've arranged for some extremely great benefits for attendees which made the deal hard to pass up.

As far as transportation, here are the benefits: FREE Parking FREE Shuttle to/from the Dulles Airport FREE Shuttle to/from the Vienna Metro Station

The metro station is approximately 20-30 minutes away. And if you are looking at traffic which is undeniable on any given day and time, you are probably wondering how we plan to organize the event around this issue.

Commuters will have their own "Commuters Lounge" filled with breakfast, comfortable chairs, and a place to rest. If you try to beat the traffic and arrive early, we can see to providing early coffee and breakfast. Any favorite magazine requests?

Lets say you are running really late. First of all, I'll have the asprin waiting at the door if you give me a heads up. Also, I've decided to schedule the less popular topics in the AM and start the days later and end later. I think its gives everyone a fair chance. As a commuter myself in the DC metro area (I commute from Baltimore) I understand what its like.

I can honestly say that commuters will have one of the few pains as a result of 2009's event. But I plan to make up for it in many many ways and offer everyone benefits and luxuries.

If you have concerns or you think there is something else I can do to easy your pain, don't hesitate to ask. :-)

Be Safe.

Hotel Block Bethesda Marriott overflow

The Bethesda Marriott still has room available for double occupancy rooms. It is $180 per night.
When making the reservation please use the code CFUB or CFUE
5151 Pooks Hill Road Bethesda MD 20814
To make reservations call: 1.800.228.9290

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