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Josh Adams - Benefits of Deploying CFML on .NET Versus Java/J2EE

Running your CFML on the .NET Framework gives you advantages over the Java/J2EE based form of deployment that you've heard about (and perhaps been using) for some years. This talk will focus on the performance, reliability, and scalability enhancements provided by running CFML, unchanged, on the .NET Framework using BlueDragon for Micrsoft .NET Framework (a.k.a. BlueDragon.NET). Come learn how to take advantage of those enhancements, especially as enabled by Windows Server 2003 and IIS 6 (and the upcoming IIS 7).

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Kelly Tetterton - Managing a Project: From the Developer's Point of View

CF = RAD, and there's a Project Manager in charge -- so the developer is just along for the ride, right? Wrong! Learn some tips & tricks to make sure your projects go as smoothly as possible.

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Kurtis D. Leatham - Arrays Structures Multidimensional Arrays and Arrays of Structures

Ever run across a problem where you needed to store data into a multidimensional array that contains a multidimensional array that contains a structure? What would the logical storage container look like that houses a companies org chart? This topic will show you how to create such a complex container, populate it with data, and then get the data back out. We will be covering Arrays and Structures and ways that you can mix and match these containers to create one huge container for your complex data.

This discussion will cover a real world example of an application that uses a complex container to automatically generate dynamic reports for several different people at different times throughout the year. The complex container that will be discussed houses information about the report itself, information about the people getting the report, and the unique parameters that gets passed into the report each time the report is generated. A sample applet will be provided that contains all of the required source code and database tables to implement an auto report generating applet.

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Nate Nelson - Beyond Basic SQL for CF

This presentation will skip past the basics of using SQL with ColdFusion and dive right in to more intermediate and advanced topics. It covers the many features, options, and practices available to developers besides just using basic queries. Discover there is much more to using a database with ColdFusion than simply storing and accessing data.

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Brad Abrams - Developing a Better User Experience with "Atlas"

"Atlas" is Microsoft's new cross-platform/cross-browser framework for building rich, client-centric AJAX-style Web applications. In this keynote you will see an exciting overview of "Atlas" and learn about data-binding, modernized object-oriented JavaScript techniques, designing interactive UI and more. Follow along as we explore how the "Atlas" controls and components remove the complexity from designing rich, interactive experiences, and help you build AJAX-style applications more quickly. Get more information at

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Glenda Vigoreaux - ColdFusion Printing and Reporting

Printing and reporting are two of the most important new features in ColdFusion MX 7. This introductory session will get you started on the new family of tags, and the powerful new Report Builder.

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Michael Dinowitz - Error handling in CF

Understanding and handing errors in CF from basic pages to advanced gateways. This presentation also gives error alert codes and best practices.

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Vince Bonfanti - - One Year Later, CFML on the .NET Platform - An Overview

Last year at CFUnited 2005 it was announced that the most heavily trafficked CFML site on the web,, was transitioning to BlueDragon.NET. Today, not only is Myspace running entirely on BlueDragon.NET - but it now trails only as the most-heavily trafficked of all sites on the internet. Come learn how they serve upwards of 2 billion CFML page views per day leveraging the power of CFML on the .NET framework.

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John Paul Ashenfelter - Testing CF applications

Test-driven development is very popular in the Java and Ruby worlds and becoming moreso in the ColdFusion world. This session covers the tools that are available to test ColdFusion applications and discusses how to implement them into your existing workflow. We'll specifically cover:

  • CFCUnit/CFUnit for testing ColdFusion code
  • Selenium for testing web pages
  • DBUnit for managing the database during testing
  • Grinder (and similar) load-testing tools

Together, these tools can provide unit, functional, regression, and load tests for your applications. Finally, we'll touch on automating these tests so you can ensure that you are delivering higher-quality, well-tested code.

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Seline Bainum - Fun with structures

Structures are complex data types that many ColdFusion developers are either not familiar with or do not use to their full potential. This session would explain the basics of structures, how to work with ColdFusion~'s built-in structures (FORM, URL, etc.) as well as how to create their own.

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