I've added some really cool topics to the Saturday Schedule.

The total list of times and topic link descriptions can be seen from http://cfunited.com/go/schedule

Raymond Camden "Ajax and CF RIA

Matthew Woodward "Real World Flex and ColdFusion Sean Corfield "Event-Driven Programming in ColdFusion

Simon Horwith "CF Software Architecture For Web 2.0

Hal Helms "OO Best Practices

Mark Drew "CFEclipse Reloaded

Robi Sen "Continuous Integration with Flex, FlexUnit, and Ant

Luis Majano "ColdBox Framework 101

Rupesh Kumar "All about CFThread

Joe Rinehart "From ColdFusion to Flex: Model-View-Controller

Mark Drew "Coldspring: Better living through configuration

Qasim Rasheed "Continuous Integration with SVN, ANT, CFUnit & Selenium

Phill Nacelli "Integrated ColdFusion Development Environment

Sandy Clark "Accessibility and Rich Internet Applications Dan Wilson "Refactoring to Object Oriented Programming in ColdFusion