ColdBox Platform 3.0.0: Sustainable ColdFusion Applications

Presented By Luis Majano

ColdBox is an event-driven conventions based ColdFusion Framework. It provides you with a set of reusable code, tools and best practices that not only make ColdBox an MVC framework but an Application Platform. Come learn how ColdBox can increase your productivity, standardize your applications and make you enjoy building ColdFusion Applications more than ever. This session will concentrate on the novel features of ColdBox 3.0.0: Memory Aware Cache, AOP Interceptions, Broadcast Interceptors, Helpers, Conventions, Model Integration, Plugins, Application Generation and so much more. Get ready to learn about this next generation ColdFusion Development Platform.

7/28 Wednesday 1:30PM - 2:30PM Ballroom C
7/31 Saturday 9:45AM - 10:45AM Ballroom D

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