Hidden Gems in ColdFusion Builder

Presented By Charlie Arehart

In this session, veteran CFer Charlie Arehart will share dozens of tips and tricks (and a couple of traps) for working with Adobe's new ColdFusion Builder IDE. Whether you are entirely new to it, or have used it since its release, there will be items of interest for you. The topics will range from gems in editing code to configuring the IDE, from troubleshooting problems to connecting the IDE to CF servers, and editing code on remote servers. Of course, those with prior experience with CFEclipse will recognize some of the tips, but many if not most will be unique to CFBuilder.

7/28 Wednesday 1:30PM - 2:30PM Ballroom A
7/31 Saturday 2:45PM - 3:45PM Ballroom A
Posted on Jul-28-2010 Gene said:

Nice delivery of content. The information was very informative. There are a few items that I will be able to take back. I did not know there was a split screen-yea! I wish there was a way adobe would allow you to drag a file into the default file you are working on would create a relative link in relation to the file you are working on like the old homesite days.

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