ColdFusion with noSQL

Presented By John Paul Ashenfelter

Do you have data that doesn't fit cleanly into a relational model? A social graph? Or sparsely populated (spreadsheet-style) tables? Does your relational database limit your scalability? There's an app for that! Come find out about the NoSQL movement used everywhere from Twitter and Yahoo to state governments to the Large Hadron Collider. The NoSQL (aka Not Only SQL) movement encompasses a wide range of database alternatives including: * document-centric (schema-less) databases * massively scalable data * graph databases * distributed and parallel processing data The vast majority of these tools are open-source, play nicely with Java servers, and speak JSON which makes them very serious contenders for building ColdFusion applications that just don't fit cleanly into SQL-based models.

7/29 Thursday 2:45PM - 3:45PM Ballroom C
Posted on Jul-26-2010 Mark Drew said:

Really looking forward to seeing this session again, as I am now doing very similar things with CouchDB!

JPA is an awesome presenter

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