ColdFusion 9: A New Way of Building Applications

Presented By Dan Vega

ColdFusion 9 introduced many new features such as Hibernate (ORM) integration, full scripting support, performance benefits and many language enhancements. In this presentation we take a look back on how this developer got his start. After a quick introduction I will take a look at what my applications use to look like and how ColdFusion 9 has improved them. After taking some time to see how we can leverage some of the new features we will put it all together. I have a full application that we can we can walk through and discuss everything from the application architecture to the business model and all the way down to the UI. In the end we will take that very application and play a game I like to call enhancement Inbox. This inbox is full of feature requests from the manager of this project. We will take these requests and use ColdFusion 9 to complete them in no time.

7/29 Thursday 2:45PM - 3:45PM Ballroom D

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