Excel Generation Made Easy with CF9

Presented By Ajay Sathuluri

Generating Excel files from CF used to involve ridiculous amounts of magic HTML, or slightly less arcane XML syntax, or else third-party Java libraries. CF9 wraps the POI library into lots of very powerful CF-like methods of reading, modifying, and writing Excel workbooks, including importing/exporting to CSV text, a CF query, or HTML. I'll go over some of these methods, as well as ways to get the formulas and some of the processing that Excel is great at.

7/29 Thursday 1:00PM - 2:00PM Ballroom A
7/31 Saturday 2:45PM - 3:45PM Ballroom C
Posted on Aug-02-2010 deb said:

Hey Ajay,

I wanted to use this now that I'm back in the office, but didn't see your presentation....Can you post it?

Posted on Aug-13-2010 Jeff said:

I am looking for your code and presentation too for cfspreadsheet, any chance it can be posted or sent to me.


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