ColdFusion On Wheels - Convention Over Configuration

Presented By Mike Henke

Will discuss how Conventions over Configuration make life easier and use examples from Wheels. I will demonstrate the concept of Wheels in a tweet (140 chars or less) and how to apply it in 30 seconds. After that you can decide to stick around for the rest of the presentation and learn even more about CFWheels or catch another session. If you stick around, which I am betting you will, I will be covering Wheels ideas along with coining a new term "simplicity revival", then dive into more coding with the framework within the model, view, and controller.

7/29 Thursday 1:00PM - 2:00PM Ballroom D
Posted on Jul-16-2010 Mike Henke said:

Outline *Wheels in a Tweet *Wheels Philosophies *Getting Started In Seconds *Wheels Conventions *Working With Wheels *Resources

This session will be for anyone wanting to learn about a simplicity revival to coding while maintaining a great oo base.

Posted on Jul-16-2010 ColdFusion Dark Lord said:

Sounds interesting, I've been wanting to learn more about CF Wheels. Love convention over configuration.

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