CFUnited 2010 Topics


  • AIR and UI Development

    Whether you find yourself needing to provide a better user experience for your ColdFusion applications or exactly what tools there are to accomplish Web 2.0 or RIA (Rich Internet Applications) theses sessions are for you. Join us as we take a look at the basic building blocks of HTML, CSS, Javascript and advance through JQuery, AIR and ColdFusion as a Service.

  • Best Practices for Code and People

    Tips and Tools for improving and protecting your website. Team Management, Project Requirements, Customer relations, Project management

  • ColdFusion (advanced)

    Building applications, Charting, APIs, Custom Tags, PDF, Forms, Railo, Groovy, Facebook apps, Geolocation, Web-Oriented languages, and Integration.

  • ColdFusion (basics)

    Getting started with ColdFusion

  • Configuration, Testing and Deployment

    Deploy your websites with minimal issues and know what to expect

  • Databases

    SQL, reporting, procedures, integration, server tuning

  • Flex

    An indepth look at building Flex applications. Includes basics and advanced.

  • General Session

    Keynotes, Raffles, and More

  • Misc

    Lunch, special events, TBA topics, etc.

  • OO ColdFusion Development

    Explore and expand your knowledge of CFCs and frameworks to improve the structure of your applications