Mike Brunt started coding web applications in 1993 and began using ColdFusion at version 1.54 in 1995-6. He designed and created the first on-line international industrial equipment mart in 1997 (Power Bank International) at the request of a Cummins Engine Company subsidiary. In 1998 he worked with Kodak and Lucent Technologies to create a pioneering web based TeleRadiology cross-consult portal when Radiologists and Primary Care Physicians could review patient medical images. Allaire recruited Mike in 1999 to join a ColdFusion-JRun consulting team. This team was dispatched world-wide to help Allaire then Macromedia clients design and troubleshoot ColdFusion applications. In 2001 Mike co-founded his own company – Webapper Services LLC. He now works independently, helping ColdFusion users worldwide to create strategies which ensure Enterprise level Adobe Server applications can be scaled effectively and efficiently.



Senior Server Engineer

Posted on Aug-02-2010 Joe Ledva said:

Hi Mike,

Is your presentation for Cache me if you can available for downloading? it is an interesting topic, thanks for your insights.


Posted on Mar-06-2017 IPL 2017 results said:

I am cool

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